English (American)

Liu Fengyang this guy turned out to be dry. Now ask him to come, eight on the brothel every day, eat nothing to do, hold girl. Think of this, A is some real teeth.
“After the last batch of those to take over for me to see.” A really saying this, to see the young steward nodded out and went out.

He casually flipped through the books, some written accounts on the affairs of the views and ideas. The following also leave a blank space was to give the boss to do batch solution, all have agreed not to agree to a pinch in his hand.

Moment to see the steward led a group of young servant came in Rosetta Stone Arabic, all hands are thick as bricks holding the books.

“These are the last run through the books on Erye approved.”

A really took to watch. See Liu Fengyang which clearly remember those well-organized notes.

The first is silver all over the shop Hongzhou income and expenditure Chinese, an array of large and small, I remember the day, scattered silver into silver. Followed by Hong Chau, co silver silver the total number of libraries. Finally, put on the Steward’s view of ideas. Hong Island is a commercial agricultural capital, this month raised more deposits less, save a few silver off the assembly line were two of several money, please turn is accessible from the pool a few taels of silver to keep Hongzhou time to time to be so much more of . . .

Here is a big batch Liu Fengyang “quasi” is used. Red pen for a hook to get away.

Then Qinzhou, Xing Yuan, Hangzhou Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin)
, Guizhou … … and so on and so forth. Liu Fengyang comments have some accurate, some are not allowed. Views are not allowed to write on, time has reprimanded, but also encouraged.

After a rough look to them, like the emperor Liu Fengyang Father amazed that the award of memorials.

After reading one after another. A really lost the old account Wangpang one, know it. Started to approve a name that has not been that Liu’s uncle had approved the books.

Tongzhou, Lanzhou, Hangzhou … … This month some of the supply does not seek silk, cloth and clothing in short supply, required some adjustment to deal with tricky to mention his wife, ladies. Number two thousand.

A really turn the page last month’s account English (American), see Tongzhou raised eight thousand fabrics.

He nodded his head a large piece: “The Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, the quasi-Tongzhou mentioned notes. To number five thousand, multi-dye cloth line Keio line to promote the development of innovative fabrics, elegant colors, clothing shops have to introduce new, large a hook .

True setting, Guizhou Stock fabrics Lord one thousand three hundred requests for recycling, send another new fabric sent to Yan. The number one thousand.

A number of really big hands: I fixed stock of Taiyuan and then transferred to fabric made new cloth five hundred, six hundred fabric Rosetta Stone English (American) fabric Guizhou Yan sent to pick the new dye line Qinzhou other re-dye back. Really do not scheduled to return the cloth, and then transferred three hundred mixed out of the closet.

Yangzhou, the restaurant’s income and expenditure Qinzhou … … more than half earnings last month. The inadequacy of the hands of your Lord to recruit people I associate to open branches.

Yangzhou, Hangzhou, should be at the heart of heaven and earth, to open standards. Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching water Xiang, Huaidong recruitment of temporary staff in place … … response to season, to be idle when the job back. English (British) Towns to keep in mind the states to promote service with a smile.

A true batch to think of Liu Mito here, to phase to Ms, she had no idea how? Spent to launch the faint.

Next to the young steward, have chosen to see the young Lord of the orderly handling those accounts to deal with decent, meticulous. This superb wrist of his awe.

Toss down some, all things dealing with the most. He looked up and shook his neck, see the days are dark. Won sip tea table.

“Affairs, things are dealt with almost the same. The rest of the night and then approved can you?” A really asked.

“Yes, of course.” Affairs of honor for his endless as rivers burst their banks.

“I’m hungry, there is nothing to eat?” A really touched the belly apologetic Road.

“Er Ye have sent several reminders, I did not dare disturb true God, gave the small servant dismissed. Now the second man is the lobby at you?” Then the young steward stoop gesture than a month, please.

“Ok, eat great emperor, eat out and then approved.” A real laugh. Went over to her beat.

A really led Waner went to the lobby Rosetta Stone. Hall entered the lobby filled with two tables on the people, male table, female table. Next to the station over a servant, maid, suddenly he Renjunbuzhu amazing. This dinner show and really big wealthy family.

Liu Fengyang see him coming. Quickly stood up pulling him: “Brother has a really, those books approved the order. View the idea more strongly than the younger brother.” Then he could not help but laugh happy.

A really surprised a moment: “I just finished batch, have not seen you in, how do you see?”

“That, oh! I called Liu housekeeper stole several touch and see.” Having come from behind the three accounts he had just finished batch. Erect thumb, like Road.

I rely on. A really see that three is how he had just finished batch to run into the hands of this kid. Meal off angrily: “You do not know the employer does not doubt kid Language-Learning Software, do not suspect the truth? Do not believe me, or do not believe your own eyes?”

Liu Fengyang A really did not expect even angry, people who really have the ability to tan is not very good temper. This is not good maybe he should turn to an ass leave. But he managed to find it, and go look for the talent on which ah.

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