but still could not help looking around

Climbed to the exit, which is a portal-shaped hole, from the hole to where to go, do not see anything, which is not very bright light, only to hear the gurgling sound of water.

Lan Yu climbed into the cave, the road about 10 meters, into a room about 50 square feet, the room all in white marble Rosetta Stone English (American), just like the house by the front left corner stood a square stone table.

the top of the table sat a stone bench dressed in a pale blue robe to people, because it is his back, Lan Yu can not see is male or female, is always less!

The man seems to be thinking about things, blissful silence!

Lishi board about three meters is about 1 m high with a large stone bed, the bed and a stone pillow, but no bedding. Against the wall in front of the room, the middle ground is a stone with walls two meters wide and ten meters Rosetta Stone English (American) long gap in the middle there is the sound of the hidden, it appears here is to drain through the place!

The room’s owner does not know what people? Really have the ability to repair the house in the desert, deep underground, and can lead to wear House of groundwater through, is! Lan Yu felt the burst of emotion.

Cleared his throat, Lan Yu with a husky voice that step qingpao ren said, “Excuse me! … …” Did not respond, Lan Yu and Lian Han several times English (British), that people are still rock solid, no shake shake it.

Lan Yu is really no strength, and then fainted again shouted down I’m afraid!

No choice but to report soon to offend, climb over step by step, first climbed to the river side of the probe nod to go, big mouth to drinking water, cool water entrance sweet, cool and biting is really world delicious they are! Lan Yu could not help secretly sigh.

Drinking water, Lan Yu felt a lot of physical recovery Rosetta Stone, then turned and climbed across the road and saw the elderly, Lan Yu is almost like an angel – a good horror!

This is a middle-aged, beard and hair black, eyes closed, deep sunken eye sockets, not the least bit angry! Some black skin, dry and wrinkled, closely attached to the face has no bone of meat on top of the upper and lower lips have synthesized a slit, prominent facial bone, shaped like a skull Language-Learning Software, a liberal dressing gowns is empty — – This is a mummy!

Lan Yu could not help wry smile under the shock, the latest on their luck really was surprisingly good! Was shot dead even though her forehead, and another group encounter quicksand of epic proportions, and now it is lucky, surviving, but also amazing to see that the mummy, that was priceless treasure it!

Sigh for a while, Lan Yu carefully looked at the room, to see what to eat? While that is unlikely Language-Learning Software, but still could not help looking around.

“Ha ha! Really have something!” Lan Yu I turned around to find a rectangular box placed in the white stone at the foot of the bed, climbed over just when the Lan Yu, seeking only to see the mummy, and actually did not find a stone chest to put in somewhere around there Department.

Moved a few boxes next to the stone, just about to open hands, Lan Yu hands in the air but stopped.

“Will there be authority?? TV that tomb, cave, and did not have the authority vicious but strange it?” Lan Yu secretly think about Rosetta Stone English (British), slightly tilting, out knife carefully!

35 cm long knife, straight blade, blade micro-arc, tip tax profit, the species showed a subtle black, which is handled through a special non-reflective, knife sharp, though not to cut off jade gold, but Qieqi stones should be effortless, Lan Yu is very confident about this the knife.

Effortlessly and sat straight up and stone me to the side, Lan Yu holds handle and slowly insert the tip of a crack in the stone box top, gently lever, loosen up and down Stone cover, but they have not got hidden weapon fly, Lan Yu finally calm down, arm muscles suddenly contract, with a look at the wrist down, Stone Cover “porphyrin” bang bounce.

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