Lan Yu Yun hearts full of deep-seated resentment

As per capita are in the 40 kg weight over 5 km along quickly after the raid, his throat smoke Lan Yu, Xing Xing’s salty throat, eyes flashing stars, is shaky, to see what other people are the gas blow rosetta stone german, sweat under the rain.

Reached the “106” positions, the short break five minutes later, Lu Yang a great sound operational tasks assigned in pairs, hand-held map, a main one, one-off one calibration direction, respectively, starting from the 106 position.

points in different directions set to A, B, C, D, E forefront of the five corps headquarters, set up after the line, one left behind rosetta stone german, a line and try to return to search through lines, and from the straight line distance is 10 km, the time is 2 hours!

Time is short, heavy task. Class soldiers are all heavy heart.

“If anyone delays or able to fulfill the task, rejoin after waiting for it to endure punishment!” Lu Yang Wei Lan Yu a wickedly stared, eyes and fierce hunting frenzy reminiscent of the hungry wolf, while legitimate At noon, the sun is hottest, Lan Yu heart he could not help but awe-inspiring surge of icy rosetta stone french.

Right on cue, Lan Yu and Lu Yang Wei was assigned to a group, the other fellow is a look of sympathy, but helpless!

Turn off the other team, etc., the land looked at the map to open Yang Wei, Lan Yu Li are ignored, went all the way to stringing Jiben, catching up in the post-Lan Yu, jokes, maps do not get lost in the desert, and that is a dead end! !

Think of the consequences of terrorism, secretly cursing the Lu Yang Lan Yu Wei mind too immoral, too narrow minded rosetta stone french, not to look at the map is completely Gongbaosichou.

About five kilometers southwest Benxing, Lu Yang Wei stopped, wiped the sweat, watching all the way crooked queue running in place over the Lan Yu, mouth with a hint of sneer.

Lu Lan Yu Yang Wei ran around and stopped, out of breath, sweat cover may keep my eyes open, Gong Zhaoyao, while panting side looked Lu Yang Wei rosetta stone italian, and leaned over to cough a few times, even the words did not.

Suddenly, Lan Yu felt the hard on his forehead in having a cool earth objects, raised his head, his face in dismay.

Lu Yang Wei ran holding the hands of a Fourth Amnesty pistol, muzzle off to Lan Yu’s forehead, his face twisted muscles, frowning a sneer.

“Squad leader, you … … are you doing?” Lan Yu heart rate rosetta stone italian, cold hands and feet is one, seems to look through the ice fall into the millennium.

“What? Silly X, I want your life! I have warned you, do not bye snow, but you seem to care? Ah? Now is the time you pay for, ha ha ha … …” Miss Yang Wei, insolent laugh, in the eyes of the beholder much more vigorous.

“Why do you kill me, you are not afraid of the military court? Say … …” Lan Yu burst of anger in mind, his eyes showed a trace of doubt and resigned.

“Boy, you do not doubt! This gun is true, the bullet is true rosetta stone japanese, do you think I scare you? I am not that bored. What I as Father, Do not you know? Here is the desert, missing a put people, no one knows! Also, the exercise was a dead-ended, do not you know?

The military court?  You do not even worry about it, it is impossible! Hades was to report back quickly to it! Late, but even the bits are not! “Lu Lan Yu Yang Wei contempt staring, a look of triumphant.

“You … … there will be retribution! I will not let you play a trick! You this evil, villain!” Lan Yu angry staring eyes, loudly scolded the heart, but it is a sad, really dying?

“Well, not nonsense the rosetta stone, you should hit the road!” Lu Yang Wei Yin with a smile, fingers and slowly pull the trigger.

Keeping a close eye Lu Yang Wei, we must remember that this ugly face, even if the ghost soul ghost must haunt him until death in a flash, Lan Yu Yun hearts full of deep-seated resentment.

Suddenly, Lu Lan Yu Yang Wei’s eyes to see revealed the fear and dismay of the look, a look of disbelief, then turned and bolted away … …

In the end he see? Lan Yu could not help but want to turn and look, behind what incredible things can make such a fear as well as Miss Yang Wei Liansha something as important as their own can disregard the rosetta stone?

Before he continues to want to go, while a huge storm rolled him, rubbing furiously violent force his body to speak, camel, body piercing pain in the body like a gyroscope-like rise in high-speed rotation, the feeling seems to fly up, and flying high, pounding pain in the tear, Lan Yu consciousness faded.

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