Rosetta Stone Swedish Version 3: Level 1, 2 & 3 Set

Rosetta Stone Swedish Version 3: Level 1, 2 & 3 Set

The playful childhood, studying hard, loving mother, sister concern … … … …, everything is so vivid and real, as occurred in the left all day, his consciousness gradually blurred, suddenly.

the eyes suddenly light up white dazzling light filled the Laguna world, and Lan Yu feel like being in a sea of flowers, the variety of floral spread across the land Rosetta Stone Swedish, not far from the top of a tall hill, a tall, familiar figure to the ground He kept waving waving, calling his name still appears to … … … … … … … …

Lan Yu faintly between vague feeling that some of the faces of the tall man was his father, Lan Yu quickly ran towards the direction of the hills, running and waving his arms, a childhood dream finally realized that he finally you can see Rosetta Stone Swedish, touch his father’s face, Lan Yu’s mind is filled with great joy!

Near the … … is near, high on the hill seems like a close, Lan Yu could not help shouting it, “Dad – Dad” happy face, while the hot tears flow down, suddenly, at the foot sank, ear side of the wind whistling, eyes quickly plunged into darkness … … … … … … … …

After a long, Lan Yu from the coma, eyes still dark Rosetta Stone Arabic, pitch dark, you can smell a faint smell of corruption.

In addition to head and arms, the body at this time seems to have completely lost consciousness. Groping took out a lighter, to the fire by Ying Ying, Lan Yu difficult to observe the surrounding environment, he turned.

there seems to be a tunnel, two meters wide, about three meters high, the air quality is good, there should be ventilated place Rosetta Stone Arabic, because the flames occasionally slightly shaking, the tunnel seems to deep stretch before rolling to the front, as if no end.

Survival instinct, the Lan Yu ground hard with both hands supporting her body, Manmandechao climbing before. I do not know how long climb, lighters lit off when, finally ran out of gas, surrounded once again into a dark, Lan Yu had to touch a little bit by crawling forward.

In Lan Yu exhausted and limp to the ground Chinese, the ear actually came to the sound of water trickling.

It seems kind of cool acoustic magic, Lan Yu’s eyes suddenly lit up, like the night in a star, Shashi allow full body strength, his legs seemed to have perceived that he summon the last of the air force, forward to climbing.

Climbed about 100 meters ahead, and after a bend, the tunnel getting brighter light up, sound of water is also getting closer, more and more clear, the air force of Lan Yu Pinmingdexiang exhausted before the final climb Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin)
, and finally to to the end of the tunnel.

At this point, Lan Yu Sheng big bright eyes, look around, can not help but gasped.

What is this place? End of the tunnel, down a slide layer to dozens of stone steps, do not see what the material, covered with moss and vines, steps down a wide hall, about 200 square feet, the entire hall into a circular arc like, the ground all four are the CP by the Quartet paved rock crevice in the weed mixed with some of Xu Maosheng.

Cave walls are all white Stone Chinese (Mandarin), I do not know from the brick out of the rock, about five meters, the hall was semi-circular concave top with a gray pile of masonry, they match exactly, seamless cloth to the top inlaid star Luo Qi goose egg the size of many glowing pearl, the whole map was a brightly lit room, Guanghua radiance.

The left side of the hall there is an exit from a distance is not too real, but it seems the sound of water emanating from there.

Placed in the middle of the hall with a huge circular stone table English (American), stone table surrounded by a stone bench of five cylindrical, open the entire hall seemed unusual.

Lan Yu carefully climbed down the stone steps, rest for a while, the difficulty climbing toward the export of the left side of the hall.

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