the brilliant civilization was destroyed overnight

Bang bang, the horizon in the distance like a mass of red flame across the sky in a fireworks disappeared deep in the desert … … … … … …

I do not know how long, Lan Yu gradually recovered.

He found himself lying on top of a dune rosetta stone language, struggling to climb up, speak, discrepancies in the actual body of the pain, seems Tongrugusui, some suspect that his bones are not broken out.

Some fishy mouth to feel the sweet and the salty air, Lan Yu mouth spat, full of bright red color.

Startled, quickly check the physical condition, Lan Yu assured sigh, not too bad, one broken rib, but fortunately not into the heart, otherwise dead. Who lost almost all of the equipment, camouflage clothing is also worn out rosetta stone language, beggar, like the helmet was gone.

Body only put a knife next to the skin, a lighter, a compass, half a pack wrinkle to tip of spinulosa smoke, Lan Yu self-deprecating smile, God do not be thin it! Remained lightly armed himself after a lot of good things to yourself.

Look up at the sky, has a sunset, the purple horizon a blood-red rays was reflected, as magnificent as Huoshao Yun Hyun rotten.

Smoke in the desert straight down the long river yen!

Desert sunset views are so beautiful learn italian online, but now no one mood to enjoy Lan Yu. If not go back to Camp before midnight, then he would completely buried in the sand sea.

Tamarix as a walking stick folded, took compass bearings on the upright, Lan Yu a flash forward roll around, the setting sun shadow pulled hobble him as long as
After about a kilometer away, Lan Yu could not help but stop and want to rest a moment, though that can not long rest, or is death, but he is too tired to have chapped lips to leaking bloodshot eyes, body aches, mouth came in from time to time to remind him to salty, still bleeding from internal organs.

No water, no hard tack, no drugs learn italian online, do I really want to drown here? No, no! I have to live! I want to live out, and I will personally take revenge, Yang Wei, Zhang wring the neck, as well as Cher, I promised that she would find her, I can not break its promise!

Lan Yu mind some confused, the body felt hot, too much appears to be unemployed after the complications of blood, heart rate constantly remind learn a language, motivate yourself, use a little teeth biting tongue, salty quickly to allow an Xingxing exclusion of the oral cavity, brain suddenly awake a lot, Lan Yu began to go.

Ear from a sudden “the sand … … sand” to the sound of Weng Ming, Lan Yu looked back and the distance the shadow of a large fuzzy volume rapidly moving to side, what it is? Lan Yu surprised Road.

Chapter magic into the early

Shadow draws near, more and more clear Arabic, like a huge wave of sound as the waves hit the eardrum with Lan Yu.

Lan Yu finally see what it is —- a group of high-speed Pentium quicksand? The desert was the worst natural most ruthless killer.

Most of the difference between sand and the sand is not general, and its principle is the sand into the water, due to reduced friction between sand particles, forming a semi-liquid, difficult to load-bearing sand-water mixture.

A small amount of sand is not terrible Arabic, but once the formation of large sand hills or very horrible, ancient legends prosperous moment Loulan killed in a roll on the quicksand, the brilliant civilization was destroyed overnight.

Unfortunately, Lan Yu is now encountered a large group of land sand, although not usually a huge magnificent mountains, but a quick scroll like a small hill.

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