the legs had lost consciousness fully recovered

I do not know how long, Lan Yu again opened his eyes and found myself still stay in place, stone boxes still lying there quietly, feeling as if nothing unusual, but the body is allowed to full strength, the legs had lost consciousness fully recovered, and Lan Yu can not think why they thought for a long time Rosetta Stone English (British), simply do not like it, wipe the probe to see what a stone chest in the secret … …

Big stone box in the room, lying across the top of a mysterious ancient sword style, appearance should be very old to see, and certainly worth a lot of money, GU Jian quintana showed a hint of golden yellow, about 25 hilt cm, blade length of about 1 m, both sides of the blade, its tip is extremely sharp, the distribution of faint Hanmang, the blade has a central, blood groove, and moving the surface layer of the Pan-blue ripples, sword may have hidden the ground more than a hundred years French, but still not cover the sun and the moon-like blade that Fengrui absolutely shattered as the Hanmang elan, breathtaking blade outer edge of the dissemination of alarming red with a layer of red light, seems very strange!

Optional hilt engraved with a person’s bite straight cairica hovering, leading the top of the hilt, the tail through the hilt, straight into the blade, then mixed with heaven, leaving no trace. Zhebing GU Jian, see what’s dynasty buried or what French, but you can feel a short time will not, at least in a century or more.

Lan Yu assess the heart and seen so many rare artifacts on display, rare antiques have seen a lot of jade Finally, a little vision and insight, not seen, Aberdeen, pig, pig is also seen walking, can even sleep hundred years later, but not on Zhebing GU Jian had any traces of oxidation, the blade is still a trace of coldness … … … … Lili

Lan Yu with his right hand to try to put up the swords, the swords of weight is not heavy, about 5 kg, reverse wrist, blade side up Rosetta Stone French, Yexia hair gently on the blade, and immediately divided into two off, falling to the ground like a blade Wang youthful, light exudes daunting!

Chuimao their hair, cut off gold jade, so Fengrui sword! Lan Yu immediately following the conclusion of this set is a magic weapon.

Stood next to the swords in a costume similar books like gold book, gold book is not about five centimeters thick, engraved with three grotesque bulge in the text Rosetta Stone French, Lan Yu dare to swear, he never learned, even from the not seen this looks like a strange line of text, but to his surprise, he really know these three words, but also a kind of feeling is very familiar, vaguely felt this strange feeling Lan Yu should have that Road light on, because until now his head is still a bit dazed made up, it seems there is something to be forced into it … … … … … … … …

“The Omen recorded!” What are these words recorded demons, meaning from the name of view, this should be a book Rosetta Stone French, and it is a martial arts Balam, but the magic word that gives the feeling of fear will have a snack.

“There will not be ghosts or something, right?” Lan Yu’s mind a little drums, but then I thought that he had fallen to such a field, is dead anyway, what is worse, it?

Severely heart, Lan Yu teeth, ventured, trembling hands opened the gold book, a flash, golden light, a bright light to the entire body wrapped Lan Yu, waves flow, the whole room into a displacement of Guangguai in.
Volume Long trapped in shallow water (Revised Edition) Chapter freed
Lan Yu among the gold package, the brain chaos Rosetta Stone French, splitting headache, it seems to explode like countless bizarre text, graphic images and even the activities of the rapid influx of the depths of his mind, his whole body shaking violently, like like ventilation difficult to control, his body twisted into a variety of strange constant angle.

sometimes expanding, sometimes shrinking, sometimes bending, sometimes longer, as there are numerous places where the body is constantly biting insects Kenshi , that feeling German, with truly rather die than live.

Long, in Lan Yu could not take this piercing pain of endless suffering, once again, coma, suddenly, the mind has a mass of deep things suddenly explode, the “bang” sound, scattered projection, Suddenly, a burst of Ching Ming Lan Yu Ling-tai, the body seems to eat the ginseng fruits, whole body to pore may comfortably stretch, the warm way back to the mother as being comfortable.

Also, just in the minds of those who forcibly poured into text, graphics, seems like a slide show, one by one in front of flash, that text and graphics so familiar, so intimate, as if naturally.

Lan Yu representatives fully understand the meaning of even the implied The formula theft, although he did not know why German, but quickly put all the pictures never forget the heart .

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