the ratio of military theater map of five

July 14, K City Yuli territory Takelama dry edge of the desert, the wind blowing acute, long sand, dust.

Wireless connection has reached the designated exercise area contest, after the camp, all the company commanders and fighters of all depressed rosetta stone, lined up a collection, the instructor announced that discipline, and pre-war mobilization, the company commander for combat assignments. Three have no doubt become a dagger class, as the vanguard of the whole company, which has long been a practice, his unshakeable.

As night fell, the temperature plummeted, bleak, Feishazoudan, fans have to keep my eyes open.

The climate and environment badly, Lan Yu is very familiar, because this is his home. “Early afternoon, wearing a jacket to wear gauze rosetta stone spanish, holding the fire to eat watermelon!” Is that it is the most realistic portrayal.

As the temperature difference between day and night, sunshine for a long time, K fruits produced in the city especially sweet, pear is nationally renowned, but also the country’s largest cotton production base.

After dinner, Lan Yu sat holding a bunch of Wanpen temporary excavation in the reservoir even in the side of a clean slate. This kind of thing has been done by Lan Yu, according to Zhang Yang Wei’s words a child recruits eggs learn french online, but also an entire waste, do not do this?

Rinse between the washing basin was busy, she heard footsteps coming from behind, the sound is very light and very strange.

Lan Yu looked back, can not help but surprised a moment, the moonlight plum fairy-like snow, such as riding a wave came, lightweight stature, such as butterflies dance.

“Lan Yu, Hello! I’m glad we met again!” Cher look of the smile, bright eyes filled with sincere joy.

“Ah! Hello!” Lan Yu’s mind while roaring rosetta, know what to do.

“Last time I went to see you, pity you’re not! Right, why do not you come to see me play?” Cher crooked little face asked.

“I … … me, I’m too busy!” Lan Yu face while hot, lie Road.

“Ah! Zhang Yang Wei said is not what?? You do not pay him any heed! In fact, he had not so stingy mean it!” Cher said and sat down next to the Lan Yu.

“You … … Why are you so good to me?” Hesitated quite a while, Lan Yu finally summon the courage asked.

“Well? I’m good? In fact, I just think you are very simple, very sincere, very suitable for friends! You know? Many people have lost these rosetta, there are too many eyes, the impurities and dirt!” Snow children’s eyes sparkling, as if the stars that shine in the night sky.

“Talking to you people very relaxed, very happy!” Cher’s face contracted with a layer of blush, rose petals after rain, beautiful and moving.

“I … … I am also very happy, but … …” Lan Yu’s face flashed a trace of sadness.

“I know what you want? Does not matter learn french online, I think we will become very good friends, you say?” Lan Yu Cher considerate towards blinked, looked very naughty look, innocent and naive.

“Well, I have to go! Ah! We pull hook it! Agreed in future we will become good friends! You?” Michelle out of jade green onions camel little finger, eyes flashing and expectation.

Lan Yu smiled shyly and carefully pull out the little finger and Cher, the body slightly shaking a bit, his face more and more to iron out.

“Good-bye, do not forget to look after the exercise I play this game!” Cher Perfectionist smile, as quickly as the birds go long.

Lan Yu Cher looked at the back of the disappearance of the heart saw it learn spanish, but there is a sweet and look forward to feeling my heart, six being slow to him, and did not notice, not far from the Fuzhao of a shadow, two malicious Hanmang fleeting … … … …

At 10:00 on July 15th, the weather was sunny, sunshine, heat waves rolling in the air, such as fog, smoke, gas Sunburn pressing.

Northwest District formed with the desert combat exercises and Professional contest officially started! Today’s subject is learn spanish, field quick with communication, that is wired with the command post and forward positions can not complete the set up lines of communication tasks.

and in the enemy’s effective use of electronic warfare radio waves can not be the case in order to quickly set up wireless on behalf of the cable from the Military forefront of the field army command to the command post of the telephone lines learn french, three classes of classes as a dagger as the first echelon to doing my part, code-named “106” to position the laying of lines.

Volume Long trapped in shallow water (Revised Edition) Chapter desperate
All three classes of ten men, the plain desert camouflage combat uniforms, learn the light helmet, combat boots black high waist.

AUGUST automatic rifles, five grenades, five thirty-fat loaded magazine, gas masks, bag, water bottle, firewood dry food bags, each one 88-style radio stations, 5,000 of the two rice noodle dish, telephone each one, the ratio of military theater map of five.

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