Face of the most love their grandfather

Face of the most love their grandfather, the East-ho could not help but sing, although occasionally tease the mouth and grandfather, Tai Tai carry, increase interest between grandparents and grandchildren about, but he still know Jinglaozunxian.

“Oh, Grandpa old, useless, and did not say was listened to Gucci clutches, alas!” Oriental Venerable Master Kao sing for opera performances attracted the side of good stewardship of ourselves.

Venerable Master Kao head a turn and head Yi Deng, housekeeper immediately recovery into a deadpan, stand aside. So people can not help as a steward pinching cold Han, internal injuries that would not Biechu ah!

“Grandpa, where the older you are, you see people still in the air you are full of roar, you are healthy and strong old Yeah, Paul Knife is not old.”

“Well, I do not pay lip service to you, you come with me, Grandpa, tell you something.”

“Let me go, let go of me, and I want to see Sa, I want to see him, I was his uncle, he can not do this to me!” Ka Pata one of panic, by two persons betting Wei on the ground, but a little arrogant bluster did not cut down.

“I can not how to you?” Cold, heartless voice floating in the air, people dreaded.

“Sa!” Heard the voice, Ka Pata climb plump body lying on the ground, small eyes Victim slender, sly executioner to look around.

A green pool in the air Gucci Croisette Evening Bag black 235320 BGD0N 1000, followed by a breath of fresh air in the sweet taste, the taste is the national flower of Imre Planet Sark – Lyme flower of flowers, this is Mai Selin favorite flower.

It shares a fragrant smell, Ka Pata widened in horror as his wretched pair of eyes, as if to see hell angels are insolent smile he raised his scythe cut to the DPRK.

“No!” Ka Pata raised his hands like a crazy random and wildly waving toward the sky.

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