I heard that your body does not

As soon as miserable Ka Pata cry, do not know when Ka Pata whole body covered with large and small, green snake, like a network covering the whole of his, in his plump body slowly creeping These snakes smell the smell of meat a long absence, exception handling with their bright with excitement, such as blood, tongue, open mouth revealing two sharp sharp white teeth, little by little green homeopathic venom penetrate the skin Ka Pata, “Zizi Zi” corrosion sound echoed in the empty palace was.

“Ah, ah, save me Gucci bags, who will save me!” Ka Pata kept rolling on the ground, he can not stand these damn bugs kept chewing on his body with, tortured as he was born death.

Struggling with the pain of watching Ka Pata, Caesar sitting position, and touch the ring on the set, eyes, waves of fashion.

Mi rotten flesh, the thick smell of blood makes nausea, struggle no matter what’s palace, which dynasties, which are stepping on the blood of the planet spent.

“Ka Pata adults, His Majesty is resting, you can not go in for.”

“I get out, do not open your eyes look at who I am a dog!” An open guard, Ka Pata rampage into chambers.

“You go on!” Ruler of the planet Sark Imre – Imre Sark OM up from the couch, waved his hand, pulled thousand followers.

“Huang Xiong, I heard that your body does not, I’ve come to look at you.”

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