Ka Pata terrible laughter abruptly ceased Gucci clutches

Green light in the sky faded, then the air there was a handsome god-like as a man, his light in the crown of the crown Dai Hehe, a handsome British Gas break out the costumes, proud to be watching from the air cold Card Pata and full of flavor charm people, evil and elegant, the pair reversed beings have green eyes now cold light injection.

“Ha, ha, ha, you finally Caesar appeared, how, you got lost while Imre Sac planet’s most beloved woman, the taste is right!” Ka Pata to the imminent death is not knowing , looked up toward Caesar insolent laugh.

“Uh, uh,” Ka Pata terrible laughter abruptly ceased Gucci clutches, he suddenly pulled his throat, and kept screaming, but they were unable to pay anything at. Ka Pata was on fire as the throat, like, violently painful stimulation of his sensory nerves, so that he Qiazhao his neck tightly.

“Ka Pata, you say how this taste like?” The gentle voice as sweet as silver bell and allows the presence of people kept silent, Ka Pata stroking neck pain, kept shaking his head, raising concern about the shake as he law, I am afraid will be neck for him.

Waved his hand and stabbed the feeling was gone hot, Ka Pata gasping gulps.

“Said Mai Selin you in the end of what has been done!”

“Ha ha ha, Caesar, you have today ah! However, I just do not say, can you me how to Chennai!”

Caesar sat gracefully on the throne, wearing a slender fingers huge emerald ring, ring seat carved with two Imre Sac State’s national animal, Imre Sac State with a symbol of guarding the rights of jade – Green spar.

“Is it? Seems just to give you a little discipline and not let you find your stupidity.” Is still a soft voice, but chilling.

Calmly stood up, Catherine slowly raised his right hand, eyes flashed ruthless and tyrannical God.

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