the brilliant civilization was destroyed overnight

Bang bang, the horizon in the distance like a mass of red flame across the sky in a fireworks disappeared deep in the desert … … … … … …

I do not know how long, Lan Yu gradually recovered.

He found himself lying on top of a dune rosetta stone language, struggling to climb up, speak, discrepancies in the actual body of the pain, seems Tongrugusui, some suspect that his bones are not broken out.

Some fishy mouth to feel the sweet and the salty air, Lan Yu mouth spat, full of bright red color.

Startled, quickly check the physical condition, Lan Yu assured sigh, not too bad, one broken rib, but fortunately not into the heart, otherwise dead. Who lost almost all of the equipment, camouflage clothing is also worn out rosetta stone language, beggar, like the helmet was gone.

Body only put a knife next to the skin, a lighter, a compass, half a pack wrinkle to tip of spinulosa smoke, Lan Yu self-deprecating smile, God do not be thin it! Remained lightly armed himself after a lot of good things to yourself.

Look up at the sky, has a sunset, the purple horizon a blood-red rays was reflected, as magnificent as Huoshao Yun Hyun rotten.

Smoke in the desert straight down the long river yen!

Desert sunset views are so beautiful learn italian online, but now no one mood to enjoy Lan Yu. If not go back to Camp before midnight, then he would completely buried in the sand sea.

Tamarix as a walking stick folded, took compass bearings on the upright, Lan Yu a flash forward roll around, the setting sun shadow pulled hobble him as long as
After about a kilometer away, Lan Yu could not help but stop and want to rest a moment, though that can not long rest, or is death, but he is too tired to have chapped lips to leaking bloodshot eyes, body aches, mouth came in from time to time to remind him to salty, still bleeding from internal organs.

No water, no hard tack, no drugs learn italian online, do I really want to drown here? No, no! I have to live! I want to live out, and I will personally take revenge, Yang Wei, Zhang wring the neck, as well as Cher, I promised that she would find her, I can not break its promise!

Lan Yu mind some confused, the body felt hot, too much appears to be unemployed after the complications of blood, heart rate constantly remind learn a language, motivate yourself, use a little teeth biting tongue, salty quickly to allow an Xingxing exclusion of the oral cavity, brain suddenly awake a lot, Lan Yu began to go.

Ear from a sudden “the sand … … sand” to the sound of Weng Ming, Lan Yu looked back and the distance the shadow of a large fuzzy volume rapidly moving to side, what it is? Lan Yu surprised Road.

Chapter magic into the early

Shadow draws near, more and more clear Arabic, like a huge wave of sound as the waves hit the eardrum with Lan Yu.

Lan Yu finally see what it is —- a group of high-speed Pentium quicksand? The desert was the worst natural most ruthless killer.

Most of the difference between sand and the sand is not general, and its principle is the sand into the water, due to reduced friction between sand particles, forming a semi-liquid, difficult to load-bearing sand-water mixture.

A small amount of sand is not terrible Arabic, but once the formation of large sand hills or very horrible, ancient legends prosperous moment Loulan killed in a roll on the quicksand, the brilliant civilization was destroyed overnight.

Unfortunately, Lan Yu is now encountered a large group of land sand, although not usually a huge magnificent mountains, but a quick scroll like a small hill.

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Lan Yu Yun hearts full of deep-seated resentment

As per capita are in the 40 kg weight over 5 km along quickly after the raid, his throat smoke Lan Yu, Xing Xing’s salty throat, eyes flashing stars, is shaky, to see what other people are the gas blow rosetta stone german, sweat under the rain.

Reached the “106” positions, the short break five minutes later, Lu Yang a great sound operational tasks assigned in pairs, hand-held map, a main one, one-off one calibration direction, respectively, starting from the 106 position.

points in different directions set to A, B, C, D, E forefront of the five corps headquarters, set up after the line, one left behind rosetta stone german, a line and try to return to search through lines, and from the straight line distance is 10 km, the time is 2 hours!

Time is short, heavy task. Class soldiers are all heavy heart.

“If anyone delays or able to fulfill the task, rejoin after waiting for it to endure punishment!” Lu Yang Wei Lan Yu a wickedly stared, eyes and fierce hunting frenzy reminiscent of the hungry wolf, while legitimate At noon, the sun is hottest, Lan Yu heart he could not help but awe-inspiring surge of icy rosetta stone french.

Right on cue, Lan Yu and Lu Yang Wei was assigned to a group, the other fellow is a look of sympathy, but helpless!

Turn off the other team, etc., the land looked at the map to open Yang Wei, Lan Yu Li are ignored, went all the way to stringing Jiben, catching up in the post-Lan Yu, jokes, maps do not get lost in the desert, and that is a dead end! !

Think of the consequences of terrorism, secretly cursing the Lu Yang Lan Yu Wei mind too immoral, too narrow minded rosetta stone french, not to look at the map is completely Gongbaosichou.

About five kilometers southwest Benxing, Lu Yang Wei stopped, wiped the sweat, watching all the way crooked queue running in place over the Lan Yu, mouth with a hint of sneer.

Lu Lan Yu Yang Wei ran around and stopped, out of breath, sweat cover may keep my eyes open, Gong Zhaoyao, while panting side looked Lu Yang Wei rosetta stone italian, and leaned over to cough a few times, even the words did not.

Suddenly, Lan Yu felt the hard on his forehead in having a cool earth objects, raised his head, his face in dismay.

Lu Yang Wei ran holding the hands of a Fourth Amnesty pistol, muzzle off to Lan Yu’s forehead, his face twisted muscles, frowning a sneer.

“Squad leader, you … … are you doing?” Lan Yu heart rate rosetta stone italian, cold hands and feet is one, seems to look through the ice fall into the millennium.

“What? Silly X, I want your life! I have warned you, do not bye snow, but you seem to care? Ah? Now is the time you pay for, ha ha ha … …” Miss Yang Wei, insolent laugh, in the eyes of the beholder much more vigorous.

“Why do you kill me, you are not afraid of the military court? Say … …” Lan Yu burst of anger in mind, his eyes showed a trace of doubt and resigned.

“Boy, you do not doubt! This gun is true, the bullet is true rosetta stone japanese, do you think I scare you? I am not that bored. What I as Father, Do not you know? Here is the desert, missing a put people, no one knows! Also, the exercise was a dead-ended, do not you know?

The military court?  You do not even worry about it, it is impossible! Hades was to report back quickly to it! Late, but even the bits are not! “Lu Lan Yu Yang Wei contempt staring, a look of triumphant.

“You … … there will be retribution! I will not let you play a trick! You this evil, villain!” Lan Yu angry staring eyes, loudly scolded the heart, but it is a sad, really dying?

“Well, not nonsense the rosetta stone, you should hit the road!” Lu Yang Wei Yin with a smile, fingers and slowly pull the trigger.

Keeping a close eye Lu Yang Wei, we must remember that this ugly face, even if the ghost soul ghost must haunt him until death in a flash, Lan Yu Yun hearts full of deep-seated resentment.

Suddenly, Lu Lan Yu Yang Wei’s eyes to see revealed the fear and dismay of the look, a look of disbelief, then turned and bolted away … …

In the end he see? Lan Yu could not help but want to turn and look, behind what incredible things can make such a fear as well as Miss Yang Wei Liansha something as important as their own can disregard the rosetta stone?

Before he continues to want to go, while a huge storm rolled him, rubbing furiously violent force his body to speak, camel, body piercing pain in the body like a gyroscope-like rise in high-speed rotation, the feeling seems to fly up, and flying high, pounding pain in the tear, Lan Yu consciousness faded.

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the ratio of military theater map of five

July 14, K City Yuli territory Takelama dry edge of the desert, the wind blowing acute, long sand, dust.

Wireless connection has reached the designated exercise area contest, after the camp, all the company commanders and fighters of all depressed rosetta stone, lined up a collection, the instructor announced that discipline, and pre-war mobilization, the company commander for combat assignments. Three have no doubt become a dagger class, as the vanguard of the whole company, which has long been a practice, his unshakeable.

As night fell, the temperature plummeted, bleak, Feishazoudan, fans have to keep my eyes open.

The climate and environment badly, Lan Yu is very familiar, because this is his home. “Early afternoon, wearing a jacket to wear gauze rosetta stone spanish, holding the fire to eat watermelon!” Is that it is the most realistic portrayal.

As the temperature difference between day and night, sunshine for a long time, K fruits produced in the city especially sweet, pear is nationally renowned, but also the country’s largest cotton production base.

After dinner, Lan Yu sat holding a bunch of Wanpen temporary excavation in the reservoir even in the side of a clean slate. This kind of thing has been done by Lan Yu, according to Zhang Yang Wei’s words a child recruits eggs learn french online, but also an entire waste, do not do this?

Rinse between the washing basin was busy, she heard footsteps coming from behind, the sound is very light and very strange.

Lan Yu looked back, can not help but surprised a moment, the moonlight plum fairy-like snow, such as riding a wave came, lightweight stature, such as butterflies dance.

“Lan Yu, Hello! I’m glad we met again!” Cher look of the smile, bright eyes filled with sincere joy.

“Ah! Hello!” Lan Yu’s mind while roaring rosetta, know what to do.

“Last time I went to see you, pity you’re not! Right, why do not you come to see me play?” Cher crooked little face asked.

“I … … me, I’m too busy!” Lan Yu face while hot, lie Road.

“Ah! Zhang Yang Wei said is not what?? You do not pay him any heed! In fact, he had not so stingy mean it!” Cher said and sat down next to the Lan Yu.

“You … … Why are you so good to me?” Hesitated quite a while, Lan Yu finally summon the courage asked.

“Well? I’m good? In fact, I just think you are very simple, very sincere, very suitable for friends! You know? Many people have lost these rosetta, there are too many eyes, the impurities and dirt!” Snow children’s eyes sparkling, as if the stars that shine in the night sky.

“Talking to you people very relaxed, very happy!” Cher’s face contracted with a layer of blush, rose petals after rain, beautiful and moving.

“I … … I am also very happy, but … …” Lan Yu’s face flashed a trace of sadness.

“I know what you want? Does not matter learn french online, I think we will become very good friends, you say?” Lan Yu Cher considerate towards blinked, looked very naughty look, innocent and naive.

“Well, I have to go! Ah! We pull hook it! Agreed in future we will become good friends! You?” Michelle out of jade green onions camel little finger, eyes flashing and expectation.

Lan Yu smiled shyly and carefully pull out the little finger and Cher, the body slightly shaking a bit, his face more and more to iron out.

“Good-bye, do not forget to look after the exercise I play this game!” Cher Perfectionist smile, as quickly as the birds go long.

Lan Yu Cher looked at the back of the disappearance of the heart saw it learn spanish, but there is a sweet and look forward to feeling my heart, six being slow to him, and did not notice, not far from the Fuzhao of a shadow, two malicious Hanmang fleeting … … … …

At 10:00 on July 15th, the weather was sunny, sunshine, heat waves rolling in the air, such as fog, smoke, gas Sunburn pressing.

Northwest District formed with the desert combat exercises and Professional contest officially started! Today’s subject is learn spanish, field quick with communication, that is wired with the command post and forward positions can not complete the set up lines of communication tasks.

and in the enemy’s effective use of electronic warfare radio waves can not be the case in order to quickly set up wireless on behalf of the cable from the Military forefront of the field army command to the command post of the telephone lines learn french, three classes of classes as a dagger as the first echelon to doing my part, code-named “106” to position the laying of lines.

Volume Long trapped in shallow water (Revised Edition) Chapter desperate
All three classes of ten men, the plain desert camouflage combat uniforms, learn the light helmet, combat boots black high waist.

AUGUST automatic rifles, five grenades, five thirty-fat loaded magazine, gas masks, bag, water bottle, firewood dry food bags, each one 88-style radio stations, 5,000 of the two rice noodle dish, telephone each one, the ratio of military theater map of five.

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English (American)

Liu Fengyang this guy turned out to be dry. Now ask him to come, eight on the brothel every day, eat nothing to do, hold girl. Think of this, A is some real teeth.
“After the last batch of those to take over for me to see.” A really saying this, to see the young steward nodded out and went out.

He casually flipped through the books, some written accounts on the affairs of the views and ideas. The following also leave a blank space was to give the boss to do batch solution, all have agreed not to agree to a pinch in his hand.

Moment to see the steward led a group of young servant came in Rosetta Stone Arabic, all hands are thick as bricks holding the books.

“These are the last run through the books on Erye approved.”

A really took to watch. See Liu Fengyang which clearly remember those well-organized notes.

The first is silver all over the shop Hongzhou income and expenditure Chinese, an array of large and small, I remember the day, scattered silver into silver. Followed by Hong Chau, co silver silver the total number of libraries. Finally, put on the Steward’s view of ideas. Hong Island is a commercial agricultural capital, this month raised more deposits less, save a few silver off the assembly line were two of several money, please turn is accessible from the pool a few taels of silver to keep Hongzhou time to time to be so much more of . . .

Here is a big batch Liu Fengyang “quasi” is used. Red pen for a hook to get away.

Then Qinzhou, Xing Yuan, Hangzhou Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin)
, Guizhou … … and so on and so forth. Liu Fengyang comments have some accurate, some are not allowed. Views are not allowed to write on, time has reprimanded, but also encouraged.

After a rough look to them, like the emperor Liu Fengyang Father amazed that the award of memorials.

After reading one after another. A really lost the old account Wangpang one, know it. Started to approve a name that has not been that Liu’s uncle had approved the books.

Tongzhou, Lanzhou, Hangzhou … … This month some of the supply does not seek silk, cloth and clothing in short supply, required some adjustment to deal with tricky to mention his wife, ladies. Number two thousand.

A really turn the page last month’s account English (American), see Tongzhou raised eight thousand fabrics.

He nodded his head a large piece: “The Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, the quasi-Tongzhou mentioned notes. To number five thousand, multi-dye cloth line Keio line to promote the development of innovative fabrics, elegant colors, clothing shops have to introduce new, large a hook .

True setting, Guizhou Stock fabrics Lord one thousand three hundred requests for recycling, send another new fabric sent to Yan. The number one thousand.

A number of really big hands: I fixed stock of Taiyuan and then transferred to fabric made new cloth five hundred, six hundred fabric Rosetta Stone English (American) fabric Guizhou Yan sent to pick the new dye line Qinzhou other re-dye back. Really do not scheduled to return the cloth, and then transferred three hundred mixed out of the closet.

Yangzhou, the restaurant’s income and expenditure Qinzhou … … more than half earnings last month. The inadequacy of the hands of your Lord to recruit people I associate to open branches.

Yangzhou, Hangzhou, should be at the heart of heaven and earth, to open standards. Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching water Xiang, Huaidong recruitment of temporary staff in place … … response to season, to be idle when the job back. English (British) Towns to keep in mind the states to promote service with a smile.

A true batch to think of Liu Mito here, to phase to Ms, she had no idea how? Spent to launch the faint.

Next to the young steward, have chosen to see the young Lord of the orderly handling those accounts to deal with decent, meticulous. This superb wrist of his awe.

Toss down some, all things dealing with the most. He looked up and shook his neck, see the days are dark. Won sip tea table.

“Affairs, things are dealt with almost the same. The rest of the night and then approved can you?” A really asked.

“Yes, of course.” Affairs of honor for his endless as rivers burst their banks.

“I’m hungry, there is nothing to eat?” A really touched the belly apologetic Road.

“Er Ye have sent several reminders, I did not dare disturb true God, gave the small servant dismissed. Now the second man is the lobby at you?” Then the young steward stoop gesture than a month, please.

“Ok, eat great emperor, eat out and then approved.” A real laugh. Went over to her beat.

A really led Waner went to the lobby Rosetta Stone. Hall entered the lobby filled with two tables on the people, male table, female table. Next to the station over a servant, maid, suddenly he Renjunbuzhu amazing. This dinner show and really big wealthy family.

Liu Fengyang see him coming. Quickly stood up pulling him: “Brother has a really, those books approved the order. View the idea more strongly than the younger brother.” Then he could not help but laugh happy.

A really surprised a moment: “I just finished batch, have not seen you in, how do you see?”

“That, oh! I called Liu housekeeper stole several touch and see.” Having come from behind the three accounts he had just finished batch. Erect thumb, like Road.

I rely on. A really see that three is how he had just finished batch to run into the hands of this kid. Meal off angrily: “You do not know the employer does not doubt kid Language-Learning Software, do not suspect the truth? Do not believe me, or do not believe your own eyes?”

Liu Fengyang A really did not expect even angry, people who really have the ability to tan is not very good temper. This is not good maybe he should turn to an ass leave. But he managed to find it, and go look for the talent on which ah.

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french rosetta stone

Villa went into catch on in, a large onion fan of the woods, bridges very elegant. A really followed Liu Fengyang into the lobby, see a group of people men and women stood in the hall whisper I do not know what. Junya young people see a white robe walked Liufeng Yang, ran over his face.  rosetta stone language

“Brother, you can come back. Heard of the assassination of the road? Have no how?” Having young people to see a white robe to Liu Fengyang to touch to touch the body.

A really dirty looks over the pages, which the ancients is pretentious, if something can come in ah.

Liu Fengyang smiling: “The fourth brother Mo panic, I did not cause illness.”

“I’ll introduce you to a hermit.” Feng Yang finished clutching A really festive with his hands to his face in front of a bunch of people went.

“Come, let me introduce rosetta stone language, this is one I find in the mountains was a hermit. Name is Lin, A true name.” Said Liu Fengyang put his introduction to the presence of a group of people.

“True brother, this is my four brothers. Liu Qingyang”

“Hello, hello.” A true smile, to Liu Qingyang Baoquan.

“Gloria seen real brother.” Wenyou Li Wen Liu Qingyang, it is on the road.

“True brother, which is big sister, Liu Yang.”

A really see the beauty of a tender and beautiful blessing to him Fook said: “Yang met son.”  the rosetta stone

“This is a young girl, Liu Yingyang … …”

Liu Fengyang after another describes a lot of people really listened a while Ah, dizziness, a lot a lot of Yang Liu.

“This is Fengyang friends to a small cloud.” Finally, pointing to a Pathetic Liu Fengyang extraordinary young Jolly Road.

“Shaoyang seen real brother to meet you Nice to meet you. I wonder if this is … …” A few clouds Toshihaya really see this remarkable, elegant style of conversation. Eyes with a sly, was a wise man.

“My wife.” A really did not mind the loud said.

See Jon Waner was named, standing next to him the rosetta stone. Blessing to the people Fook elegant: “Wanjun seen you son, miss.” Distributed between the delicate gestures. Comparable to the grateful lady.

“So true Sister.” Sly few clouds bowed holding hands. Bao Quan Qi met people also said: “seen the real Sister.” Saw her beat the scene where, suddenly raised their hands flawless, her face slightly red. A true one hand grasp her beat, huh, huh straight smile.

“Two small, Wan West has to take care of well, guests can stay in the.” Rush came a young management bow to Liu Fengyang Road.

“What the West Wan. That is our true brother to live it rosetta stone spanish? Go and clean up the South Garden.” Liu Fengyang shocked rebuked the young steward.

“No harm no harm, where to live are the same. You got to, the night of sleep it is only seven feet.” A really did not mind Xiaohe Road.

Young stewards were two little scared helpless rage against the rush meal ran out of control.

“What a huge house one thousand, seven feet of nocturnal sleep. Really Columbia really talented.” Xiao Hehe Road to the few clouds.

“Two little pigeons by the moon came true brother, toast the good word, few clouds, and grateful to scared to Heaven rosetta stone spanish, now see the real Costa Rica style. Shaoyang ah life without regrets.” Having waved his hand to point people, everyone nodded.

“Which. Haha, come in handy when not true.” A real burst of red in the face by McCain, secretly crying. This kid touch the tender the tender spot.

“True brother indeed modest, second to few clouds do not believe the less, few clouds today, less than a see also rosetta stone.” That guy finished everyone applauded and nodded. Ladies apricot face flushed.

Some Kan Pei, false King to King to go. Saw that the young are ready steward, said the South Garden. A true sweat rag, I rely on your mom’s finally finished these ancient polite. A group of people fart fart flutter flutter of the left to go to the South Garden.

Along the way, bridges, water tankers slowly turning the lake to fetch water there. Xixi fish play on the water, birds singing softly in the branches, is very poetic. A really amazing, rich is better. After Zuozuo arches. Finally came to the legendary South Garden. While the rich jade wall rosetta stone, flourishing.

Spacious and elegant, flowing mountain. Like a paradise on earth in general. A really secret speechless. This … … This is how much fuel Willow Hill in the end, a single endless flower fields to the south Wan onions tree. There are peaks Yeah, not the kind of rockery, really Pessanha. The distant trees in dense forests on a hill. A waterfall from the hillside to the lake below pouring down, and even a spectacular great.

Waner was also a scene that shocked the mouth slightly open.

Shaoyang Oh straight smiles: “This is only true talent with Columbia Southern Wan.”

South Wan rosetta stone japanese? This palace is not afraid of the Southern Wan and bar.

“Wow! Big ah. Good style ah. A South Wan so that I do not know how other things like the North?” A really amazing feet and asked to Liu Fengyang.

“East homes are several of our brothers and sisters live, and this also the same. As to the Northwest Wan was a bit shabby.” Modest Liufeng Yang said.

“True brother may not know it. This is not an ordinary man living south of Aster. Spontaneous Liu Jian Zhuang Villa seven years, lived in the South under the fifty-Wan’s not people.” Few clouds big mouth to interrupt.  rosetta stone japanese

By. This is such a great style fuel Liu Hills, ah, once again speechless.

“This is a true brother to the south of the Aster. Really Columbia have a good rest, Feng Yang to go first, and then strike at night welcome home dinner for the true brother Jie Feng.” Having a group of people to catch on leave.

After finishing a while, Ah really looked at it around the main bedroom. Great, fucking great. Although he has not lived in the presidential suite. Ah, but it is certainly true self that is worse than than the presidential suite french rosetta stone. Surrounded by carved pillars and painted beams, everything.

Just off main rooms, staring at Ms A true straight Hey look, to see her burst of modesty. She took a bashing to bed a pressure. Ms kiss while Jiaochuan humming, just burst into flames when the door was a clear knock on the door came.

I rely on, mom! Lao Tzu who disturb a good thing.

Ms shy whisper to him: “husband french rosetta stone, husband. Someone knock on the door.”

“Never mind, we continue.”

“No, well, first up and open the door at night … … night, Jon Waner and then wait.” Then she’s like a little face on the red drops of blood to come.

Then another knock on the door clearly heard bursts.

Mother. Having mouth pressure in the red cheeks of her beat severely a pro, just got up and open the door.

“Which damn, like to be reborn … knock …” A really opened the door of a Lie Lie cursed.

Five or six slaves dress up the little maid saw him so fiercely threatened to kneel on the floor and cried immediately.

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Between rice and millet was 17-year-old Qing Dynasty when they were killed, the murderer is secretly in her consultant Tom Tom Western Australia, this new love –
Time and space rebirth to 2000, rice and millet Tang Xiao Tang suddenly, this time, two people with another woman, love agree millet, rice is the identity of past life has become a model, students, Valentine’s Day, etc., TANG Xiao Tang seven love, affection part of each section is connected in this chaotic world, and heroin, the embodiment of love.
Writer and easy through space, and in a Louis Vuitton Bag purely narrative point of view, the unpredictability of love, today’s comprehensive analysis of the time. Structure wise book, story, writing fluently, said that the contemporary city’s “Liebestod,” the mentality of many people’s love.


My name is Mel rice.
I gradually forgotten, he is one of ghosts, 17. Louis Vuitton Bags
This year, I was such a beautiful rich princess, Chaozhou City adults have only one child, full of wisdom, small, white, such as fat, rather than the leathery shell egg blue, peach, deep house over the years, a I was frustrated sometimes half a step, he made half a minute left in the attic window, tilt, until his mother discovered, it was found. I think that if there is a heaven sent from one person to accompany me this subtle property of the afternoon, how boring the better.
My life is permanently set at 17. This year, my father was transferred to the Mayor of Guangzhou, we have the west. That afternoon, I’m cool sunset, wearing a T shirt Ya Hua Ting Sun Hung single, the number of heads easily Luoji together, who did not deposit. Zodiac fan grabbed the white, slightly stirred, Ruoyouruowu breeze.
Tom Ta ah ting through West West jacket, fast, Fuchu new consultant looked at me.
A month later, Guangzhou City, in a surprisingly bloody murder: embroidered personal maid, I Xiaoyu, in the middle of the night were killed in the women’s shelter. Three days later, in the delivery, that is, a consultant of Tang Xiao Tang Xiao Tang Ta ah said: “This picture of Miss shadow Mingxinkegu Vista, never tortured Chafanbusi brush, not just life and death, the last in a dark stormy January night, holding a knife in his hand a solution. on the knife, sharp knife Xiulou lady’s hand … … the stomach
Finally, Tang Xiao Tang Lynch.

Time in 2000 and finally stopped, finally.
Side by side at that moment I saw his face. He ah pak pak she has been my love for soup.
I think this time we can really love a strong, no matter may be a love, you can let me say that white women do everything, even history –

A story


A mature sparrows in the sky, flashing eyes, that he went there.
“Damn!” Rice Trust millet head, the curse of God, a lot of Louis Vuitton Bags
Although the streets until the winter, empty, ugly losses, but even she was not afraid. In fact, rice millet and consciously tried to hear a man, a good first and “wonderful”, and thin and high, thin scary, often the work of his nickname, and sometimes she is, her face now There are some red and oozing white shame, the terrible white, better fear of death, smelly man called Tang Xiao Tang. Hold the end of the year and a half old mother in the United States the film, but I also like Henan, Hebei, really hit the second failure. Little Mi Laisi that is black and blue 花心大萝卜 air, “Tang Xiao Tang, I hate you!”
These days, love as promotional material, if economic development are the same everywhere, many of the figure, whether true or false. The idea is right or wrong does not matter right or wrong, be careful not to be the one who is Jiaxizhenzuo, really, the key to good relations, not too bad. The problem is that some people do not know. Rice, millet think it is one of the biggest sore spot, because if the life of eighteen years of age die, the body quickly to resolve the tears, “wow.” More unjust and just get up, choking smoke, and the efforts of wine, so that the river dried up, and its rampant, control to show off their stubborn character, her body has never been so right, looks very sharp display Sichuan girl, but rice or millet Kuchu sound. Because it is quite good with tears, very easy for a person, I feel bad, Tang Xiao Tang shame, they often try to Xixiang a back tire, hoping that they Louis Vuitton Bags
Millet and rice do not know when you stop crying, but she cried tired. I think it is not worth 花心大萝卜, some pain, for the love of the game against some people crying, and even scolded a few meters millet Tang Xiao Tang, but they think she does not listen, you can get some pain? You take care of cold? She knows who the man is in hell in the Early pak as nearly hit a second time, named the “cold” people, quick to say. Millet Rice in the hands of each other’s shoulders, tap dance, no rhythm, so closely, but the sum can be removed from the Tang Xiao Tang trouble like its shadow. To think about it, Millet Rice, and numbness in his right hand at this time should be red when you pull down the right, but it is cool, you do not want to do so. From small to large, her temper is not always, seem not only want that, of course, her love, Tang Xiao Tang, thunderstorms, lightning comes to trade, and said not to go. More cool! Millet Rice flew to the north is a bad stretch handsome striped hair, so there is no devil, let out a whistle, sharp stimulus, and then some, such as Australia and Tang Tang Xi, eyes closed, three gravel street to buy land skip to reverse. Beginning, or only a few stones, and then later, after an accumulation. Millet Rice said, no, no singing, no big deal.
Tang Xiao Tang millet and rice is almost eight is not a good reason for the growth stocks a little rice and millet is the devil, waist, bottom round, two hooks are often told to remain calm, beautiful and silly Sungai death Tang Xiao Tang , like the movie “A World without Thieves,” the shag, the two stand together not a good fit, a little ‘Tuyangjiege “, truth is not worth it to help the workshop is not young, but do not eat sour grapes jealous Tang Xiao Tang Tang Tang Sai Oh boy The name is good to me, in addition to his appearance, Tang Xiao Tang, and as a “Golden Horse” some actor Liu Ye. millet rice is the imagination, in Tang Xiao Tang stupid, stupid style, Liu Ye, in fact, do not call it stupid, stupid appearance of Tom Tom Western Ao Tang Xi Oh ah he plans to step by step nature of meters thick piece from the hole into the millet, such as millet, rice, snakes, found a piece of us out here, and it was too late. Seventeen-year-old Tang Xiao Tang to give business the old corn starch factory, the work of nineteen, was tr Louis Vuitton Bag ansferred to the wastewater treatment plant easy to plant, and if people do not support junior high school, struggle to compromise, must be left on the map “stupid” trump card . Millet Rice graduated from the Provincial Normal College 21 years after the different laboratories in plant starch into a blessing now to decide how the nest fell. Tang Xiao Tang cry, you come here to millet, labor is not exceeded, the bottle of yellow whey pH value? U.S. degree, nor is it a woman? small Milai Si through the window, said the results it has to wait 34 hours, all the trouble you you? Tom Tang said the West boil, very good very good, I’m not worried about you, but you Ministers fear panic millet Li at books, do not do this, come, fear, and we both talk, I would not eat. Tang Xiao Tang came to a side, a table, cutting millet went meters and the head do not lift, and said, millet you the truth, I’ve heard. Suddenly, he was more aggressive than rice, millet. Rice said, millet, Xiao Tang in my eyes is. soup boil the Tang Dynasty Western eyes, but only flashed , and then they left. Wong whey it? untested First, why you see me? Yes, I’ve seen. Even if McCain and then later saw two people with the naked eye.
This is enough to make many people jealous of the classic moments with the first infinite love, not Bi Yanjing, romantic piano Richard Clayderman flavor to fill a bla Louis Vuitton Bag nk sheet, small water-soluble small laboratory millet and rice, we can see Xiao Tang Rex ah hug Imagine if the voice is indeed indulgence Cha Cha D, and some touching. Rice, millet impatient at, like a snake winding soup Xiao Tang, search, and this situation is very similar to the Hong Kong Film lens: Lau Ching-wan woman ran a girl’s way, and behind the bladder lawyer Charlene Choi, Liu Liu Li had no intention but , Charlene Choi bed instead of driving … … the original is the only one in love even to the point.
Lau Ching Wan Tang gio soup, of course, no sense of humor in the movie is so good, but the sense of millet and rice noodles is a mature melon, only giggle all the bargaining power, a good old scratch their heads at every turn, as if the first image all of the fleas on the planet. Charlene Choi also love millet crazy about, especially in the meetings and Tang Xiao Tang, loyal man on foot before the clothes more interesting and attractive. Some people play it, asked me if I would not see the normal, sleep Mel? Tang Xiao Tang jealous care! A millet, rice, it blind nonsense, your mind must watering pork. Someone shouted: millet, I love you! Millet Rice immediately throws a kiss cry, I love you! How to love? Go home and ask your sister not to … … free to live, leaving only a smile, and then workshop seemed to stem the metal collision system starch sugar, D Dangdang, air, and quiet music, the voice of Tintin Dangdang … harsh …
The specter of a mile of rice millet did not forget to wash each other jokes.
Don West boil soup on her ghost steal a quiet spirit of the rule of tomorrow, the collection, to crack down on rice, millet.
If you knock on the door, raising his hand, there are rice, millet and face a fine spring. Doors are dark green, iron welded framework, the establishment and spend a thousand dollars, to see aristocratic luxury, if they have two Audi. In front of small groups, with a wide, rice millet his hand holding a pot of those plants, grass cultivation, Chlorophytum, glass Tsui, a group that the asparagus will Maughan, Serissa, gladiolus, cycads, so dripping Guanyin without a few days water, no beds, they are right? In their eyes, although his father was a factory long, mother, sister, and apparently hurt her pets, but I was not at home a lot of nostalgia, but he added that the plant seems to be a common language. Characterized asa few, there are many hidden secrets heart can not always want to tell a secret, in fact, this psychological betrayal very easy to do at such a contempt for them. After knocking at the door, waiting, when the door opened, millet, rice unaccompanied word “cold” conditioned reflex, Tang Xiao Tang is only when the fear of the curse is still alive skin really fear. If the door is always rejected her? Rice that the millet. Why is the old thinking? He is not very sensitive? Knock on their doors, the family did not really hear or not hear? Allegations of non-stop afternoon of the deadly drift piled together, the number does not rain, it is very unpleasant cloud of despair and lead … … Suddenly, the door opened.
Like cattle? Look so bad? Auntie Qiong Yao’s mother, because he read “My Fair Princess”, they call directly.
I, I feel cold. Millet Rice qui Louis Vuitton Bag et.
Quick, quick warm sentence your father’s clothes, fast!
Oh, did you cry?
I did not cry.
Therefore, the necessary. Tell us who is the tyrant of millet it?
No one.
They said nothing to me. Your name, I promise to stop his leg in the dog!
Mom did not know. I bully people.
What, what?

M Wohuo National Heart failure is the loss of more than 1,300 yuan of money, but his economic work conference area has lost face.
These days people know who you want to send a notification of rice is no open flame is due to a bright yellow card in the corn starch factory in the city Environmental Protection Agency in December 2003, the wastewater COD concentration in the sample is much more overweight, Province environmental protection departments will be ordered to the city and county in April suspended the company’s sewage treatment facilities in the larger context of plant level. 4 months, not only in severe water and throw away over 4.5 million, the company needs to reduce the welfare of at least 800 million U.S. dollars, this increase in cases of more than 13 million euros, to do so!
That morning, the body of Chapter West Chapter jail a piece of paper industry focus, Communications Vice-chip, shaking with anger, saying that Laos ah Laomi three other people than you head? Nature of the content is so high, you kill him? Repeat five or six in a row. In addition to half a day to see the national Yong unclear meters, Zhang, vice president of connection with the fire, “Tang”, and in 8 of water content, water content of 4 properties under normal circumstances that the COD content of mineral water is 2, and distilled water naturally small 1.5, the current standard rate is more frequent in the COD should not exceed 1 Louis Vuitton Bag 80, boos, because it is the content of the effluent COD 12,438.6 given a number of friends who speak their river of fish dead? Huaihe River still alive do not live more than one hundred million people? Do you think this day of high output data, which is very serious environmental problems, you know do not know the law? At this moment, can do a lot of work to keep in the room, any serious mood, and rhythm as the Vice President and getting his teeth Zhang silence, her eyes focused on a person’s body is clear, they suspected criminal foul of the people, and sent the police arrested him.
M, a national coloring air appearances, but remember the curse, his mother, Vice Mayor Zhang worth piles under the Pan-snob, this is a critical time of the rule would require children hacked to death criticized parts of the country but the other brothers and worse , his mother and his grandmother … …
Laomi volcanic eruptions, when the vice mayor to suddenly hear a sense of humor. Deputy Judge Cheung said aloud, like millions of people like you are meals, forget the urine three events fart! Meters, the first national health care, regardless of your ass is really a man? The words were clear, but then the dirty, cold, heat, ironically mocked. Yang did not post any bow to me laugh. Free country hope that he can drill a local level as mice, shame, oh, air, I think, “You’re the judge, and those who do not negligence? So the Tigers take a nap, and then” Zhang, listening to rumors of the National Heart meters Vice President, too, a temporary meter and effective for people angry, cried out, millions of people, what advice you have come to me! M nationals last straw, but if there is some confidence, he said, corn starch factory effluent not more than one person is not my responsibility, dozens of breakthroughs by the manufacturing process, we say that people randomly distributed natural bubble content in the urine , it will spread to 200 and more than a dozen third-party content is not out of character? Friends, do not close, but this time the mouth. Judge Zhang said, patting the table, more than a dozen, more than 200 levels of chemical oxygen demand is more spread? They have some urine, waste water plants and low COD? So just nonsense, supervisor keeps telling us, wastewater treatment, the benefit of future generations, “” forever discharge standards, “Do you know his theory? This is the so-called care, regardless of buttocks to see” how, your courage , you have one of your stupid mouth smile blanket theory? … … 4 months later, the sewage treatment plant, if they are not your standard, I have to do your own hands in jail, then you pull the trigger to stop the search to stop the investigation sub-contractors, all workers being laid off, I think you’ll laugh, 10 days, the district, a working group in the starch factory, field inspectors stationed in the office, turned off!
M people laugh, strong pressure from the mountain, like a man in his shoulder, you think in the end is the value and taste? Besides, this is not an idiot-meter national director, from small to large, what they do accomplish the same person who meters, and now, people can prevent water pollution standards, the factory why not? That it was a citizen of the bottom slowly, one word:. “Simulation run early in the morning, he was the seminar’s first emergency meeting of senior staff, deputy mayor to personally meeting, the fan ideas through discussion, that the decision to the treatment plant to make a transition step in the project’s main product, Pipeline Update Conference event is the product of yellow whey stores’ double-plus project “, the new infrastructure,” the second phase of two-plus project, is currently used in water treatment, anaerobic, aerobic two is the most advanced production technology oxide filtration. Science and Technology Department of Homeland Security, State offices, warehouses, laboratories, equipment, electrical control station, water station maintenance, Seven Pillars of technology industries processing, a leading group of technology projects, common delays, the Deputy Director, the direction of the project to find out who is who so that the two stages, the country’s 10-day loud and M also beat his breast, and said the possibility: “! Louis Vuitton Bag Please, all of the counties to ensure that government, the first phase within 55 days Baozheng completed “Deputy Mayor Zhang said:” Let go of my heart is into, or to this point, I can meet old friends here today, as new Laomi I do not remind you to the appointment of this new transformation in bold? . .. Ah … ”


Wake up, millet, rice, is the first measure, take the usual phone, hands in the air, suddenly stopped, and then closed – this is his children yesterday morning in the bubble in the air to evaporate.
Phone does not play. Damn it! Little Mi Laisi criticized the sentence.
Mel criticism, or to stay there a little bit? Sleep is divided into M in the late autumn is to laugh. Millet and rice as an accent, do not bother ordering his sister, although only one year older than most of them, but only adults, millet, rice, hate the sound of the heart to do mom carrot salty use of light meters to take care of late autumn. After a child, even shed in her room to break their shoes in the late autumn, humming “taste” Menachem, pushing the cap off her sister. Ach Du Du Du! The next step would be annoying. What are you doing? Xiaochun laugh on the way, I want to see my dear sister is dead and gone? Then we can be like dead? As well. Two sisters began to grasp any other child, a problems pile up. Only this time, down the stairs crying, to dinner, two people, “Oh,” a cry, and then, mine, mine, ran down the stairs.
If a man unlucky in love, and lost all the flavor you eat, it does not mean anything. Rice and millet in the table motto that heard the early spring, late autumn eyes lit up and immediately said, you are the bits of Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, congratulations are in love with your sister! Today, the sisters seem to like the character, Ma Yu will go when faced with the mother insisted on not bite do not understand, I dare say that to ask, ask, very confused. M people cough a little, cleared his throat and said: “Diego Maradona, springs, losing no time or no time to work to eat. Although his father is incompetent, but for decades the national rice is still very powerful concept, year of 300-560 days, went to the rain, wind, half an hour earlier, more complex every day is nicknamed “half-year-old. “He Ni fader source of income, fifteen-year student at the plant, the eyelids of children Zuitian four decades, cooked corn starch factory manager, if those who lived compared to the old factory, farm cattle, saying that citizens have not been wasted in this life rice. As for the small house salad, some of the things, but he said all the flowers in the horse, he often said, citizens meters do great things, it seems arrogant and presumptuous. often at this point, the sisters will be the father pull valve core, contemptuous look, and said fart! Damn!
Soon, large yard millet rice, only one person. In the evening, several times during the day, but she made everything boring. In the past, they had to jump back seat of a bicycle donkey, not Tom West, Ao Tang, vehicles, according to the streets, go shopping, just a bubble Tang Xiao Tang dorm sex, play online games excitement and crazy day, all day, and fresh . She found a brand of “Scattering Flowers,” the cigarette smoke, burning, and then spit out the air, then slowly smoke ring of five children, watching them drift away, box, and disappeared into the air, they know that adhere to love gone scarred. Sometimes strange and memorable events are often overlooked because he tried every means to hide, to avoid people and things, but they can not give up the busy forget your memory. Turn on the TV, millet rice is a signle channel change, a romance drama, hero, heroine of the last stop, I hate you, do not think we even in the tenth year of marriage, period? Hero said that she hated hated the best, but at least I do not hate. Women outside the framework of the wall to destroy the wedding photo to enlarge, the men soon stopped and said, Why, after all, we are husband and wife, do not hate me? “Do not hate me?” Spirit of rice and millet, using the same actor, with a small electrode Tang Xiao Tang hate courage.
From TV, millet, rice inexplicably hit two consecutive sneezing. Who called me? This is the 01:00 clock air, bad old cat Henhendizhao little things left, “m” bouncing sound, spring door “Lang states,” some. Successful conclusion of the cat’s tail to remind them of the Tang and Xiao Tang remain on Sundays, he is almost the same, they found a man, Tang Xiao Tang was so fragile that he is, after a child’s friends do not help He began to burnish so easy to resolve, she said, give me kicks, he added, as I said, and strangers. Little Mi Laisi children say that you are surprised, face, head, heart position, this vicious cycle change Zehui Xiaoya Indeed, who would dare get married? Rice, millet remember when they played better than anyone, at least, it is also squatting on the ground in no less, his face collapsed on Tom fancies Australia ah pigs fly in the face, looks good, I want some surprises Tang little millet rice Why Don heavier children, and immediately a straight line like a good performance of small electrodes. Yes, Tang Xiao Tang, an electrode, there is no more appropriate metaphor of small rods.
In fact, millet, rice is the first time for their serious commitment to each other, but it is this careful selection, leading to his subsequent hatred in the bone Tang Xiao Tang, calling their friends to dinner party, not behavior. Forgiveness locked chest was painful, hold an empty glass up and down stairs, and some do not know how to do returns, remember, coffee, drink the last thing that milk pot, “Nestle” down the living room coffee table, her mind is not evil . Why does it air? Perhaps at this moment, the gas Tang Xiao Tang, who like their dance, so it is not a fool? Solution Guankou, spoon two tablespoons of children, flushing, nausea fine, millet, rice, coffee, juice was immersed in his mouth and gently spoon smoking and children, a hand holding a glass of the first order All looked up. Bedroom, white sunlight, it is only a in the magazine “Ruili” grab a pillow pile to see and do a few pages of the women, I feel especially out from the shelves of Meiji his own personal album, “Call to red,” or smile or frown flutter morning … … so a boring start.
Millet in the six meters, almost from the old records, his last Sunday a series of her colleagues with his details, there is no way, does not boast one. He gave them the name “The Complete Works of rice millet, all six Sao Tome Oh, is not all skin defects, quasi-surprise language can be added to the other half white, which is the effect of rice and millet. When the second volume, the paper , transparencies, set on the first page, editing has been a terrible time to chew chewing a color picture of rural women for three years to attract the Taurus after the background is ugly smile of gold endless rape, it is clear, paper and poly vinyl film material in a strong chemical reaction, such as corrosion of the picture after the design of asphalt poor, people are looking for can only deal with side streets, in addition to walk very carefully, the cost of many children of God. But do not call his sister late autumn throw out less, can not let the rice millet life and death, say that this is an image, a higher value to the collection sold t Louis Vuitton Bag the next person who says, millet and rice research in the history of experts and scientists oh priceless. over the top! short, happy in the last century, the era of black humor, laugh often not an exaggeration. they do not laugh people laugh, millet, rice is such a great competition because it is cow lady, she was ugly photo of her grandmother, her grandmother in the village of puberty in the whole childhood, is the focus of high school will be under the age of fifteen counties in the top received her biological parents, fully aware of the sharp complete strangers contrast, the city is suddenly on the environment, she was almost overwhelmed. In particular, these emergency situations into the millet rice dear grandmother left eighty-six spring and roads, riding in the West crane, they suddenly came to a strange feeling, Many people refuse to cool the world, the whole family away from her, although her parents, sister, in view of this situation, but she always felt that some false information or millet and rice in a sense is the exception, severe mental, so that For a long time is not an alarming situation of girls, the feeling of hunger.
At this time, Tang Xiao Tang appears to death millet rice can not love life? Sun millet, rice, of course, is Volume 5 in the countdown, which is on Saturday afternoon, a Xiao Tang grabbed him from behind, ah, love and sensitivity photo twenty-four rice and millet, a smile is almost gone two half of the big head area of the picture funny. There is no doubt that love is in better data, millet, rice and sweet and even though her time in Western Australia Tom Tang, thought, is not o Louis Vuitton Bag e of the happiest moment of her boys, she and his short-ah, his mother The name is Don’s obsession irritating, but not for the life ah bet life! Unfortunately, we pray, I still have gas Kip was born, and why? Rice that the millet. Time stood still, do not want to move for a while millet, rice, do not move the hand, but to really no reason to think an angry person’s trouble, is not it worth it? So then, millet rice is slowly closed five, empty eyes some time to find, a free hand to take the cup, do not want to drink coffee, hot, cold morning, decided to go downstairs to re-heat and mineral water bottles, only less. Enjoy a small mouth, millet, rice, they believe that coffee is not coffee, but like any other liquid beverages, finally, why do not they say, nothing is coffee? Her own anger raised some doubts. It is simply put down the cup, a chest by the window back in action, then go to bed, one on the fifth volume, in turn, “hissing” from the inside out, he had just seen, and then provide the other end of one hand, with both hands, take action as soon as possible, in a torn photo, in the re Louis Vuitton Bag gion at this moment the phone rang … …
Strong voices do not hesitate, looking at the phone, rice millet to see how his career?


Mel, I am the door of your house, you quickly open the door to us!
Publicity is the voice of a man through thick, but very hoarse, short echo Tingtongli and the front door. Who? Such a hurry? Millet Rice to her album, from the second floor window, stuck his head and a half stars … this guy … in fact, turned out to be Tom West concave Tang.
Come to me? We do not draw the line? M people evil red millet, and anger.
Open the door, how are you? Tang Xiao Tang continued to rumble, then.
My family to work fast, and your work done, okay?
I called to see who is worse today?
Little controversy to see that there is no movement, millet, rice, has been exhausted. She opened the door, and then physically blocked the entrance to the Tang Xiao Tang, face cold questions? Good. Tang Xiao Tang Cycling bad tiger, with black face, that is not very crowded inside. Outside, two men began pushing and shoving, to work, rather than later, millet, rice actual loss. Tang See Tom West hospital, millet, rice, your hand I do not know why the cold iron door stop shoulder to cry constantly. There was a time, Tang Xiao Tang panic, he called the rice according to his sister, tears rolling early, first love, depression, anxiety, deception, sacrifice, cowardice, duty millet, and break all the victims, he can live in the crying mess. See this man, cry Louis Vuitton Bag ing rice millet hand, less, and then it seemed like a Tang Xiao Tang strangers, watching, I do not know why the girl even laugh, which sounds more and more confused Tang Xiao Tang things. I funny? Tang Xiao Tang asked. Millet and rice is not the answer to a small round mirror at home, said outside the Tang Xiao Tang, bring us closer to a good insight into your beads do not appear at the end of it? Tang Xiao Tang swept away the mirror, “Oh” sound, nothing, his face still wearing yesterday’s colors, added between some gentian violet painted red, purple, and blue, he began to laugh, smile difficulties But then, a little awkward hybrid debt part. Despite the flash, he was arrested millet rice.
Millet Rice immersed in the love of the past. By this time, Tang Xiao Tang had just climbed right hand to her ear lobe, the response of this period the body of millet and rice, she closed her eyes, a little shortness of breath, dry mouth, dizziness, five seconds, feeling the previous millet rice should be They call girl and his first time. In fact, it seems normal, they will not be held to embrace, but no further action for the first time fuck is far from ideal, because they are not successful, so Huangbuzelu, hungry, basically a self-taught rash. In particular, millet, rice itself, each somatic cell, every nerve is still shaking, their objections, their aspirations, their greed, they are full as the original hungry ah! In this way, she gave her a name Tang Xiao Tang, her birthday afternoon in the spring of 23 men for the first time.
Then, in order to bring them additional energy in the comfort of the Tang Xiao Tang and influence, millet second, third and fourth outbreak of rice Louis Vuitton Bag into a happy Huer quick swallows, fly free, in the Smart Monkey Huer Bass, Bass continues to grow a tree, turned in a rabbit running around Huer, always dangerous to find happiness, Huer the fish in the water for their own dreams, and now the love of crying … so sad. .. a very difficult struggle for day to love, this is the first two years of life have no luck millet rice, millet, rice, she more eager,  Louis Vuitton Bags enthusiastic, warm, friendly, family, millet and rice is a favorite, but also injury, but to others, in fact, long-term rice and millet in the hungry, it is not looks like a little fairy love disposable chopsticks.
Tang Xiao Tang in the present temperature and a lobe on lipstick and humidity on sleep millet rice, fish, rice and millet was like kissing is such a feeling drunk, drunk, in her memory is a Tang Tang Au hope to the family of God, love them and love her, how she loved them, so he never kissed, never stop, never, … … should now be reproduced, that it is not the original so long, so quiet, you must would like their birds, they fly, in other words, other birds, and his victory, why people like it … … Meier Mi a Jiling, but at that moment, Tang Xiao Tang’s eyes, she see little guilt, many errors Theo soup soup, she suddenly felt chest illness, she is trying to get some further steps to introduce Tang Xiao Tang
Go! The more the better! Millet Rice cry.
Tang Xiao Tang is located in the body, he was surprised face, half a day without action.
Millet big meal called, named Don here, you will never have this, you will me, I said no – at the door!
Ao Tang said Tom West, millet, you hear me explain, please?
Tang Xiao Tang Small Milai Si did not wait for the final “good” is complete, he said, look, I do not know. Louis Vuitton Bags
Tom West boil Church is frustrating, she improved octave voice with that, you put it and I broke up last night, what you want from me? Said snorted.
Rice, millet head suddenly excited to heat did not know what to say, in fact, they do not want to do, because it breaks one after another of the small, their own, she and her eight-year war, and he did not do so until the battle is now always Similarly, Tang Xiao Tang, conscience is a dog eat it! Rice, millet mood suddenly, they even want to really want to Baoyi Bao Tang Tang Xi mastiff, but now is the time and place are not, especially near the time is half past decade shou Louis Vuitton Bags ld have been ready for lunch, to see them again in the mind the core of the rest of the time Tom Theo Moment of Tang, I’m sure the answer is no, oh no, no … … to continue to take, but the small rice soup rice Xi Tang Ao flexible body press look, with long-term cultivation of cotton candy successful initiative, they are no longer in good health Diao Shuaibu Tang Xiao Tang, Tang Tang Au hope to have this opportunity and not natural, I saw him, and kissed her more than all the way, do not hesitate to the first floor.Louis Vuitton Bag
Ten minutes. In the bedroom, such as band, two eel stayed in bed, happy as all actions to meet each other warm thirsty.
… …
How to do it?

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In 2009, a young entrepreneur named by the summer of Yemen TV show, the singer playing the guitar softly sang a song “Lion”: “When a person does not want you …. ..” and then for many years Only he really liked when the people alone songs.

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Its potential brush your teeth, drink the tea three or four ports, a bit hot, in the near future, a few drinks, cups, and she blushed and age, it is very unpleasant swallow. He leaned on the floor mirror, in a more mature, he said to himself, staring into the face image:? . “Who, he is a businessman, said well-known businessman in the adhesive is one to do in Yemen, and finally, he did not know his name was boring! Very boring! He drank tea, and some” red “feeling, this is not like the taste of Tieguanyin Dahongpao aging tea, “you can try the problem? Or change the quality of tea? “He then I want to install complex issues to consider other matters, tea, or do not fully understand.
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Inconvenient, unpleasant to offend people, it opens the possibility, I heard the voice of the singer, such as sheep, LCD TV in the room, there is no purpose in the television channel, he felt very whole body and mind, it is inconvenient, From the comfort of derivatives. At this time, he is very smart, cautious girl on television, he suddenly remembered a look, close to 23:15 at night, when, what programs? He thought for a long time, or not to think about it, not just think about it, just to restore the state song. Singer holding a guitar, singing, and finally, the music constantly, he just does not sing, and add character asks. “Nothing, I am pleased to get out of here, said:” Upon completion, the sad, love in general … … Most people do not see him particularly sad, sad girl, he flicked the remote control and mouth Helehaoji from a cup of tea, thinking: “This song, in the end is that”

Look at the table, close to 24 points, this time is very impolite to call someone else, he had a good search pages of Internet and online video and lyrics charged with Him, even to wear headphones to listen to it again, by the way, I remember that short hair girl 90.

A strange world: middle-aged businessman named for the television talent show crazy Yemen, one year after the singer’s 90-century, and her singing and playing the guitar lovers gently, “lion”, the “When a person does not love.. . … “From his mouth it is easy to slip, suddenly over the years, that is, when he was old, and he really is my favorite song, although very, very lonely.

Why does a young age, she thought of the meaning of life where? Why she chose the “Lion” that song? Yemen, and then continue along the “Lion”, wow, ancient and modern men and women, search, a constellation of celebrity, it’s a lot! For example, Leo, Madonna, May, Stefanie Sun, Ruotong Li, Faye Wong, Michelle Yeoh, Luo Haiqiong, Bibi, Stephanie, Sammy Cheng, Jennifer Lopez, actress Jacqueline Kennedy. In addition, Napoleon, Leo, Bill Clinton, Shelley, Alfred Hitchcock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Dean, Eason Chan, Leo Ku, who … … Yemen yen just can not believe my eyes, Leo celebrities will be so much! Even Moncler Jackets For Sale Madonna, Napoleon, Bill Clinton, who is a superstar signature!

Therefore, Yemen “Lion Girl” in Internet search, he must find them, “Leo”, and, behold, the girl Leo 387,933 search. One of them is “Leo 2009” Description:

Who is the love, 2009, lucky? Sweet, always or variable? As long as you love a good peach street? Inside pages of the answer: In 2009, we can say that the love of the lion, the problem is the subject, no object, was created in 2009, married a lion can enjoy the exercise, calculated for the two most prosperous era of good feelings – Three April, July and September time! He began to play in a good performance, especially because of the same sex can lead to 2 March to the Court of other modern curiosity you are particularly good this line, the Lions do not mind, it will be you and other partners for the considerable people interesting opportunities or suppliers, collaborative working relationship between the lot of the opposite sex, relationships if you do not like their work will be respected, the success seems to be complacent, we might take this opportunity to learn more, Moncler Jackets For Sale select a good target emotional stability .

, The total loss of property Lions: Lions strong in the Year of the Ox, which is a good year. Now is the time to deal with the reasons for the strong, easy to be successful, efforts to another level, but also provide an opportunity for the accumulation of the daily contact, continue to earn enough money, love, life is life, Xi’an bad. Everything seems to be in your hands, it is not sensitive, a good effort, filling it.

Leo sat in the Five Emperors (- star tail), Bootes Arcturus and Spica of Virgo, and the stars in the famous “Spring Spring triangle formation.

Leo constellation of stars. Of: the reason why in June each year 4,000 years ago, the case has just ended, the sun, Leo apparent motion (now June, the sun’s apparent motion to the Taurus, Gemini, between them.) At that time, the Chaldeans, the Persian Gulf since ancient times, the Sun in Leo has a lot of heat, so the weather is getting hot. The ancient Egyptians, but also because in this time of year, many lions have been moved to the Nile Valley in the summer.

Leo is a very old Egyptian cult, he said, the famous Sphinx, a lion by his first wife, accompanied by the formation of the space body. Frasers also attaches great importance to ancient China, ancient China, the Yellow Emperor, God knows, the so-called Regulus.

By the triangle at the end of the spring night in spring and found Leo sitting Star Five Emperors, which is a large area of the eastern part of the charm, they are Leo. In Leo, not the stomach, three-star end of the triangle is a very important, which is the lion and the tail, Han and the Six false as his head, the lion, the Big Dipper and Polaris are two paintings form a question mark on the back of the opposite direction of the new moon stars expansion of the star of the port scoop, you can find it. Pseudo-called Regulus star, China, and its apparent size of 1.35 meters, the site is in the heart of Leo, is the training time, in Leo, a bright star in the day of the brightest stars. She and the big horn, Spica form an isosceles triangle, the Bears did not extend to ten times from the stars and latitude can be found. Ancient times, sailors often use it to determine the location of ships at sea, pseudo-stars Leo was given the title of “water Jiuxing.”

Leo, Regulus is close to the ecliptic, near the same Taurus Aldebaran, Antares in Scorpio and the local Southern Fish Fomalhaut is a four star bright spot in the celestial sphere difference between the total amount of about 90 prisoners, but each season One, they are collectively known as the Zodiac “Four Heavenly Kings.”

Every mid-November, especially in the two nights this year, 14.15, close to Leo, the star quality of a question mark against writing will be a large number from the meteor, which is the famous Leonid meteor shower. Once this happens, the peak every 33 years or so, even in 931 BC, five prosperous China, Northern and Southern Dynasties recording the scene. 18.33 million in an hour, so the next night went out with a farmer, whether units are the culmination of all the stars come out.
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Leonid meteor shower in 1866, and even Shane, but more Shique 1899 to 1932 and 1965 saw only a little. In 1998 and 1999, when the Leonid meteor shower, and then show you a good look at it peak.

Every morning in mid-November, the Leonid meteor stream that you can begin to dismantle its border!

They are looking for on the Internet, Yemen, a particularly strong intuition: The Lion, the woman of his ideal love. Because he is the best match for a woman to know, Leo must be quick thinking, behavior, or if the lion of courage to express their unique knowledge. Leo women are taught to respond to other judges, according to his ability, so that the lion is to stimulate new ideas, providing intelligence, the other half. Good things to distinguish between true and false, Leo, trying to figure out how to record each other’s heart.

Yemen believe that love is strong, including his own, all those who dream of Leo. Leo does not like people who like and the different reactions, generally straight, to withdraw from the pace, but not free to talk about love. Once the fire ignited, it will be straight to the point, and often with minor harassment and artificial way. Since the hotel business, successful entrepreneurs, Yemen, and eventually the surrounding natural beauty around, many people turn to one or two successful days, the protection of women, but not in Yemen, because he always felt loved them so much always feel and play with a woman’s dream, but not because of his wife, not his heart is very strong feeling:. “Man is the most pro-woman pro-life” So, really, a few years ago, fortune teller said his wife, star of the lion being in this life, this elegant? Internet access said that best meet Leo: Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Leo, they will take a long time, and expressed satisfaction. Second, Leo usually match: in the production dispute, Taurus, Leo and Taurus in the abuse, other serious disappointment. However, if you are in the environment and the trend of living in the same industry, you will take a combination of all the obstacles to have a happy ending, two, Leo and Cancer is our hope that this combination, the biggest problem is that people understand each other feelings . Cancer has become a very serious, you have a chance, the couple finally gave up cancer narcissism. And to work together to create a stable life, Leo, Leo, if you have a perfect similar to each other, and then took two lions, is a very happy ending. Constellation is the worst match: Aquarius, Capricorn and Pisces, Leo can not stand, especially near his fish slowly, as this is not clear, Leo, unpredictable, Pisces can give us hope, it is clear see the location, direct face to face, you will feel love. The relationship between Leo and the other signs: Aries preferred, most trusted Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius is to build a better partner to learn the constellation Virgo the best horse in the water more easily, more easily understood Pisces , Gemini, the constellation should be noted that the constellation Libra, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, 100% of the coordination of the constellation Sagittarius, the constellation Libra 90% of people agree, Gemini, Taurus.

Therefore, more and more aware that the future of Yemen, Leo, of course, knowledge and talents of women, proud, brave and generous people who express love, want to accept this argument, and the pride of a successful man in Yemen, water and land development, and social activities, and how to be flat or satisfaction, loss of face of fear, self-esteem is particularly strong, always in the sun and the high-luxury resort living the perfect life, search, life, buying art, decorative paintings, antique furniture, luxury senior housing luxury goods and jewelry work. Talisman: the sun, gold, all metals: gold, lucky stones: Happy Diamonds Date: Sunday, favorite color: bright yellow, light yellow, brown, lucky number: 1,3,5,6.28. There, the patron saint of women in the Leo sun god Apollo, the favorite places: the local luxury, international restaurants, theaters, exhibition and entertainment, whole plants: sunflower, cypress, palm trees, laurel, gentian, King Car , an ideal place to live Angelica plants: the United States, Italy, Peru, Lebanon, the United Kingdom … … So, this time, Iraq will be: “I need to find the lives of women in Yemen, Leo and his wife,” Marriage … … one thousand three hundred fifty-six days later, he’s 28 months, she is lucky!

Yemen is always th Moncler Down Coats
e same, or trying to find their own “Leo” is! This is a difficult task, more understanding, the fact is that women in Yemen on the Internet. Therefore, the future looks even later, Yemen’s wife? Education is so? Such a person? And so, his heart strings pop up. In fact, all these problems in Yemen do not even know that this is their future, not to mention their hearts are not the end.

Therefore, he said in a special blog site in Yemen, in your “About Me” large group of programs:

Beautiful Leo

Blog rating: 2 points: 310002


Nickname: August boys

Gender: Male

You see: love

Marital Status: Senior Year

Date of birth: L Moncler Down Coats
ev Privacy

Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province: Origins

Current residence: Guangzhou City, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province

To join the circle: We are in the 90

Personal Information

Education: Higher Education

Occupation: CEO

Height: 181 – 185 cm

Weight: 62 kg

The first stage: a beautiful place

Body type: Cool

Bottom wear: a suit and tie

Do you smoke: Smoking cessation

Alcohol: more doctors to the novel

Personality traits: humor, responsible and considerate

Interests: Internet Moncler Down Coats access and other mobile conference calls, see the stars

Favorite color: black, white, blue

Favorite season: spring, winter

Favorite Sport: Dance Scene

Favorite food: Chaozhou

As a Moncler Jackets For Sale tea: Iron Goddess of Mercy

Favorite Music: Jazz / Blues, Hip Hop

Favorite episode: Cartoon “Goat and Big Big Wolf”


QQ: 200920090

Two full week and a half, Yemen, the Internet bubble, to find their own “lion” in here, or even looking back 387,933 girls and Leo. He spent 13 days in advance, so they have a lot of e-mail greeting, spent nine days waiting for their response, it took 35 hours, so that “Leo.”

At this time, too busy, Yemen, in the first blog space full message, and then sent to the attention, there is no time to read a lot, all day protection of the QQ, screening, identification, looks like the year of the Miss World beauty contest once, but only judges who are exciting ah. However, the lug lug, Yemen, cross-stitch Yang, at first sight of the final choice? Finally, no, Yemen is the preferred method in the past.

Personal information will appear in the ring, she lived in Tianhe District, called the network “blue girl shoes”, the students must be 90, so the name of the screen, it should be a large cage of art. “There is a first!  Moncler Jackets For Sale His strong desire to link the words.” Indeed, Yemen is the real center of the body, but also through e-mail, but said text messages by phone and QQ, and eventually, after bombing by the explosion, and “blue girl shoes” relations have reached a point where anything about.

60 years should be the evening of September 23, 19:17 pm Yemen recall, known as the “blue shoes, girls,” the QQ shook his head, now arrived in Yemen in Paris. Clearly, this evening, “the girl in the blue shoes” feel very good, very fast speed, but also witty remarks –

“How much income you take care of your husband? In other words, this is you or you to continue?” Yemen asked suddenly. Moncler Jackets For Sale

“Oh, money is no problem, a question of money!” She said.

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