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After reading the book, this offer above. The temperature of the entire city from Lanzhou to lay after the baptism of years of Chinese civilization has a kind heart, the last place, he came in sediments on the Silk Road, and in the sun and rain, the land of modern industrial civilization to hide this ancient nation in the shower, yesterday, on the road.
Lanzhou is located in the Yellow River, the  Moncler Coats city that gave birth to the mother river of Chinese civilization upstream. In recent years, archaeological findings confirm that the scope of the Yellow River civilization. Although the Yellow River civilization, such as the heart of the Yellow River in Henan. Yellow River in Lanzhou, a city just across town, Culture and the exposure combination is naturally available from the Yellow River civilization. In civilization, we can not forget the Silk Road. Lanzhou, as a necessary condition for the Silk Road stopMoncler Coats, regardless of the Silk Road or the north south line. In fact, the first Han Dynasty sent Zhang Qian of Han Dynasty were mainly used for military purposes, the United States attacks Chi Hung Tai Yu and use. Maybe they do not even know it is actually the Han Dynasty led to the first East-West cultural exchanges. The world’s first understand China, the world’s first in China. Today, the new Eurasian Continental Bridge of mode Moncler Coats rn civilization, although progress in the display case, but we know this is because our hearts forever hidden in the Silk Road. New Eurasian Continental Bridge, the change from the outside does not change its contents. Therefore, we should thank GodMoncler Coats and the Qianlong Emperor Zhang. Zhang Qian, Han, then a second time, but this effect with western friends, whose goal is to eventually reach. In our ancestors, and in the past, and the wisdom to change the environment in ancient times, the world has changed. After condensation of these things, it becomes culture.  Moncler Coats
Standing of the Yellow River, watching the sunset come back, time flies slowly. On the Yellow River is not a strong history of ancient chewing, but the memory of the eternal city. Jincheng House of Representatives began a few years later the Western Han Dynasty, the Yellow River water in such a way, maybe we see today, spray, spray, and thousands of years, may be sound, we now hear the voice of thousandsMoncler Coats of years. Lanzhou bridge, a regular gas has been hard to find. Night landing at midnight, standing in the pedestrian, such as organizational learning, animation. Lost my heart, man. Chain Bridge in Lanzhou, you had the time of the same key to change the color, change the value. In fact, this does not change all that wrong, but you lose the history of physical combat, the result is a newly renovated, the appearance of a bridge to a more general channels. I’m not interested, but in the sky in a daze, my heart sick to faint. From the master and his sheepskin raft times, now I know that they are nostalgic good, without any resistance, so I will not give up, then stood up, sheepskin raft. Sheepskin raft, said the Yellow River in Lanzhou, the growth in the Qing Dynasty, these vulnerable years, sheepskin rafts do not know why he began his rise in the Yellow River in Lanzhou. Sheepskin raft, in the Eastern Han Dynasty, records the history of the first, but began to stitch, and then clay. The benefits are obvious, it is usually a single sheep. Ancient peoples, from the media boots make a raft, they rely on their wisdom, in the fight with nature. In fact, many people do not know, sheepskin rafts difficult, more difficult to make a raft. Sheepskin raft of restrictions are clearly not on the dow Moncler Down Jackets nstream. In addition, sheepskin raft the size of another, more complex work, and you do not mind. Less and less from Lanzhou raft, almost no one willing to participate in this work, I think it will alienate the hearts of our grief and sad moments. In that time, sitting on a sheepskin raft in the city, I saw the skyscrapers, see the light, see the city is gradually disappearing in my view.
However, in Lanzhou, real name, or  Moncler Down Jackets the history of war service. This is a unique geographical advantage, Lanzhou, northern and southern mountainous parts of the semester, something long and narrow natural barrier of the yellow zone, since ancient times, in the battlefield. Lanzhou to the Sui Dynasty called the “Golden City”, so now the locals are still known as the “Golden City”, because someone took the gold medal. “Shu depends largely on the risks, take five skyscrapers cool. Yamane post road disk River flood wall.” He was a poet Cen Shen Tan “Jincheng the Linhe station house,” a poem that describes a profound ancient military missiles defense system in Maryland. Qin Meng Hun suffered physical plant here from the north, to the Helan Mountains, the Huns, including expulsion of the vast desert surrounding Moncler Down Jackets and protecting new centralized feudal dynasty, the Qin dynasty -.. piano, but our nation has become a common color, like the emperor have to attack the Huns, Lanzhou Jincheng land troops Wei Qing, Huo. Even in the northwest of Lanzhou, the Han Han Yong counties built the Great Wall, the Ming Great Wall, also built in Lanzhou. Rarely in the capital, is the Great Wall of China Great Wall ruins and relics of the Han. Behold, the king said, Paul’s guarantee. Moncler Down Jackets Wang Yuan Bao Bao people, give them the rank of element Shundi left prime minister. Emperor Yuan was to win one of the world’s major competitors. Wang Bao Bao, Ming general, who is in a large city in fierce fighting Jin Xu, and finally rejected the promise is. Exacerbated by the collapse of the Yuan Dynasty to the pace. Wang Qing Wang Sangui and its allies in Yunnan Province, Lanzhou occupation Orange Ave, Wang Jin Bao Qing total capacity of the uprising sheepskin raft crossed the Yellow River, and eventually forced him to surrender back in Lanzhou. I did not expect war, Lanzhou, sheepskin rafts authorities brilliant. Lanzhou, Lanzhou, the last battle, battle. Although the first chairman in March under the command of the army and fought bloody battles in Lanzhou, northwest of the army. Ma, Lanzhou War Battle of North West released the most intense and brutal war on the battlefield, but the situation in the Northwest most of the war against the decision of the important, but in the liberation war, a pan-North failed on the battlefield. The first line of the PLA attack, bleeding heavy losses a day after the enemy has not been the position of school. Peng, seriously study and plan, and finally, a rest from 26 to Lanzhou, Lanzhou release, Lanzhou, and finally returned to the embrace of the population. In fact, stop and carefully open the history books he will see the real Lanzhou, the smoke of war still exists. In fact, war and more, I have not in this Moncler Down Jackets list, but the smoke of war, we still can feel old and crisp, taut, Lanzhou, where the war is not over desolate, no. Perhaps unique in Lanzhou, the main strategic location, the situation, the new China, Lanzhou, Lanzhou Military Region, the establishment of protected areas established in the Northwest.
We have time on the age, the Moncler Down Jackets Yellow River flow. We always leave one day, the installed life
Must continue every day. Lanzhou beef noodles, rafts, sheepskin, Huang predicted flowering spray, every language is silent, talking about his past, looking at their future. And I went to a walker now, but I know I can not cry, I can not cry out loud, and then find a place, not his heart has gently, because I was “afraid to lie in Lanzhou, so cool in my mind

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Womwn’s UGG Mayfaire Chestnut Boots

Womwn’s UGG Mayfaire Chestnut Boots

1, the situation is different

Pigs, sheep and cattle are kept in the same corral. Once captured pig herders, he mused out loud, violent resistance. Sheep and cows hate it cries, he said: “He always attracted us, we do not yell.” Piglet replied: “I find and capture is completely different, it captures you, just want your hair and milk, but to catch up with me, but it is my life! ”

Different positions, different people and the environment, it is difficult to understand each other’s feelings, so other people upset, disappointment, grief, should not gloat, but certainly understand the humor. Have a heart to forgive!

Womwn’s UGG Mayfaire Chestnut Boots

2, on his own

Snail asked my mother: why we are born, we must maintain this hard shell and heavy?

Mother: Because we do not su   Moncler Jackets
pport the bones of the body, and only grow and grow slowly. Therefore, the protective shell!

Snail: sister no bones caterpillars, also climbing fast, although this is not to such a hard shell and heavy?

Mother: Because her sister can become a butterfly caterpillars, God will protect her ah.

Womwn’s UGG Mayfaire Chestnut Boots 5116

Snail: But do not insist on earthworms are not satisfied with his younger brother, and will not turn into a butterfly, he did not support such a hard shell and heavy?
Moncler Jackets

Mother: Because earthworms brother will drill soil, the earth will protect it ah.

Snail cry: We are so bad, does not protect the sky, the earth is not protected.

Comfort snail Mom: So we have a shell ah! We do not rely on, nor rely on, we rely on them.

3, sharks and fish

After completion of the experiment, the sharks in the wild and tropical fish ponds in the group, and then separated by the glass, first of all, sharks do not see every day, the collision of fragments of glass, it is just useless, it can not continue, otherwise, who and laboratory staff every day, put some carp in the pool, so there are prey, sharks less, but still want to spend money, want to try the taste of the beautiful day, it is still broken glass constantly collide, each of her trial a corner, all efforts have been exhausted, but always, always injured, when the whole body were a little bleeding.

Womwn’s UGG Mayfaire Chestnut Boots 5116

For several days, when the cracks in the glass, with thick glass test immediately. Later, the sharks do not conflict   Moncler Jackets
with broken glass, and colorful tropical fish for these is not disturbed, as if they just move the wall murals, it began to carp waiting a day, then used his quick instinct to hunt, just as back to the sea with a powerful evil dictatorship, but it’s all just because the final stage of the experiment only false, the experimenter lifted the glass, but the shark did not answer in a day trip to a district assigned to it, not only turned a blind eye to those of tropical fish, carp, even when they go to the side, he would immediately give up the chase, said the past does not want the end of the experiment, the laboratory personnel at sea chuckle This is the most cowardly of fish.

UGG Mayfaire Chestnut

However, the romance, people know why he is afraid of the pain.

4, a miracle

A remote town in France, reportedly there is a special miracle of effective resources, problems often arise, to treat various diseases. One day, one on crutches, one leg missing veterans limping in the streets around the city, next to the sympathy and support to kiss, the city said: “This poor guy, he does not want to pray to God the other leg? Heard this has been ex-servicemen, he came back and told them: “I pray to God, there is a new leg, had asked him to help me, then told not to one leg, but I know how to live. ”

Just imagine: the loss of learning Thanksgiving, but the fact of loss, although the gain and loss of life, so that their life is always full of bright and brilliant, no tears in the past, and strive to live   Moncler Jackets
up to their lives.
5, bars

An old man fishing in the river, a child came to see him go fishing, the ability of old technology, so it does not take long to catch on the basket full of fish, the old man saw the children are beautiful, we must give him a basket of fish, the children shook his head, amazing old man asked: “Why do not you?”

The child replied: “I like fishing rod in your hands.”

The old man asked: “What do you crochet?”

UGG Mayfaire Chestnut

Children said: “This basket of fish does not need too much time to complete, if I have the
I guess you could say such a clever boy. Wrong, as long as he rod, a fish can not eat. Because he did not understand the techniques of fishing, the light stick is useless there, because grep is not important,    Moncler Jackets but there are many people in the fishing techniques, fishing rod traces of their own lives, without fear on the way back, the wind and rain Therefore, inevitably fall into the muddy ground. As a child, the elderly, that as long as the fish hook, like the staff to see the boss, sitting in the office as long as the long, rolling to the financial resources

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Women’s UGG Mayfaire Black Boots

Women’s UGG Mayfaire Black Boots

Wen Wei Yun family history of the legendary voice, has caused my colleagues, the version number much discussion, h  Moncler Jackets e also openly said: “I actually came from the toilet brush.”

Candidates do not boom

The first day of recruitment, Wei, general manager of a nightmare Wenjun office: “Hello, my name is Wei Wen turtles, just graduated this year … …” If not completed, the boss does not appear like this: “The remaining not just our school! “Wen Wei Yun feel like my throat like a stone block, but he is still cautious and said:” Although I just graduated, but I Tingyou talented … … “Lo brutal boss interrupted him, and cried: “Our employees are all talented … …”!

Wei Jun Wen received the work on the desktop, staring across the Luo boss, I do not feel mean, have the patience Wenjun Wei said:. “Paperless office, which is we need computer skills,” Wen Wei Yun repeat  Moncler Jackets edly said: “I do, I will be a computer!” Ruanmoyingpao major commitment under the law one day trial. A few days later, Wei Luo Wen bacteria boss came back, give the original owner will actually see, he just points fur.

Women’s UGG Mayfaire Black Boots

So again and again “destruction” in the others to retreat, but why Wei Wen Jun is a little bit stubborn nature, he dete  Moncler Jackets rmined to “rely” on this company is wrong.

Some people, he said: from Shenzhen, self-esteem the most priceless. A person overcome the fear to face the country’s small foothold.

Wenjun Wei said he wanted to learn computers, the company will not pay, as long as room and board, he can control and daily cleaning for the company. Romania opened a demanding boss, the last condition, the company responsible for cleaning the toilet every day, including the toilet brush responsible.

Women’s UGG Mayfaire Black Boots 5116

The grace of God

From a peak of more decoration company. Wen Wei Yun days, about 700 square meters of office in clean. There from morning till noon, in a simple grilled meal, and then to clean the toilet. As a complete cleansing done so, the day most of the time will pass. Wei Wen Yun, sitting in someone else’s computer breaks, watching other people’s behavior. Therefore, most people after work, and then picked up all the garbage Wei Jun Wen to stay, a hurried dinner, taking into account the advantages of the dead of night, saw a series of professional books, and hands.

Later, Wei Wen turtle many people feel inadequate in building their common sense, I think, where the chief engineer “of stolen works of art.” Its purpose is to loopholes in the “public”, which is a cup of hot tea, the total did not look foreman said: “You do not brush your teeth to wash your hands ah the toilet,” Wen Wei turtle is not easy to retreat, he found, always, we began to work alcoholic beverages drinks every night, so Wei Wen are using their savings and bought all of the small wine types, but the number of beverage containers Shao Sha ah, finall  Moncler Jackets y showed a trace of the total workers face a rare smile, and then sat next to him Wenjun Wei silence.

Street is a ruthless but loving

One night, the boss of Romania took the initiative to speak to him, his boss’s heart to heart talk. It turned out he was a Master of Philosophy, first came to Shenzhen’s first job turned out to be clear water, formed a deep bond with the toilet. Because he was found in Shenzhen, the immigration status, gaps in the market, the city, so the rack, put down the student’s work, cleaning the toilet, so she saved the company a “pot of gold.”

Women’s UGG Mayfaire Black Boots 5116

He added: “I actually love a pity, I hope you come to learn a lesson in suffering!” Finally, on the “Matthew Effect” and “Bible”: the poor performance of the so-called strong get stronger, if a person success, will find it any good head. Li wet man really should not complain, one of the biggest enemy is their own ah!

Since then, the Company appointed the official position will not over time, Wenjun Wei designer, the basic monthly salary of 1,000 yuan, pull the old Wenjun Rowe, three-dimensional decorative effect of the study, after a better picture, the success rate is very high, repeated that he found the color temperature and strain feel particularly good health, but is designed to promote health of military Explorer, an increase of 6,000 yuan monthly salary and Wei Wen let the history of David made of several large projects. Wenjun this face to face contact with customers, more opportunities for health, to increase communication at the same   Moncler Jackets time, more and more complex work situation. Many consumers try to buy bad targets Wei Wen turtles, from the company through the CD – ROM and drawings of cash bribes, not the most appropriate balance to pay. Wei Wenjun from complete, one by one rejected.

UGG Mayfaire Black

Ability to withstand

July 1999, the company has received a great plan — “East Hall” villas, designed to be 200 billion, from Wenjun Wei, a person to complete the cost. Wei Wen Jun is very sophisticated, this time, the school landscape gouache his skills at this time to greatly facilitate. Optical three-dimensional effect just two months to figure out 37. After reading the praise of customers Wenjun Wei drawings, all the remaining programs much love will be in the company account.

After Wen Wei Jun was promoted to art director for the art 3D graphics effects for inspection. His monthly salary increased to twenty million people, the other end of the year committee. Remember a year ago, the company is still brush your horse figurines, Wei Wen are emotions.
Moncler Jackets
Two years later, Wei Wen turtles and save $ 50,000,000, the company opened their decoration. With the previous “custom” is different is friends with the former boss of workers was a child, Wei Luo a turtle and the deep affection for the boss became friends.

UGG Mayfaire Black

During the last major event again, Wei Wen chap toilet brush says it is the experience of God, “the negative of grace”,  Moncler Jackets he will keep a thankful heart, to see the story. He told us that a successful “secret” — the so-called capacity, is able to be patient!

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UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Navy Cream 5822

UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Navy Cream 5822

No country, not many people, but people living a happy life of leisure, because they do not want the king and prime minister who does not like the same official.
Moncler Jacketse
King has bad habits, in addition to hunting, more like people and the Prime Minister, hidden television. In addition to dealing with countries other than the Prime Minister is accompanied by the king visited the village, if a man of his word, he loved the truth of the universe and life, his most popular slogan is “all good deal.”

On one occasion, the king was pleased to go hunting, his men took dozens of dogs, a powerful moment. King’s body is very well maintained, strong bones, and pan-light skin, it seems to be the kin   Moncler Jacketse g of a country style. Believers to see the king riding a leopard chasing a solemn, the two can not help but admire the extraordinary insult Wang Fan! After playing the king to save the leopard, leopard track is slow speed, gear leisure king bow, so the leopard, roaring, rods, bolts, in the grasslands of the neck of a fraction of the exercise of Flying Leopard justice, Cansi leopard soon, down in the ground.

King was pleased, he saw a leopard lying on the ground did not show the movement for a long time, a temporary loss of guard, but did not fall into the off Leopard chassis.

UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Navy Cream 5822

Who would have thought the leopard waiting for this moment, suddenly jumped up on the last attempt to run the King rushed. King surprised a moment, do not open bite Xuepentaikou leopard, he subconsciously flash, thinking: “! Complete” Fortunately, the isolation time, immediately sent in the throat, leopard one arrow, the king had a cool little finger, leopards do not say anything, or on the ground, it is really dead.

King’s followers eager to ask whether the first-hand information, the little finger bitten half of a small leopard, Wang bleeding, dressing companion approached a doctor immediately. Although the injury is not serious, but light damage to the king of humor, and call the king to find some people, but think about the rash only blame themselves, but also have the responsibility? So I do not what to say, all went to Hui Gong sad.

Hui Gong, the king grew more and more uncomfortable, please drink their pain Premier drowned. I know, the Prime Minister, and the king raised his wine, smiling king said:! “A small num  Moncler Jacketse ber of gold just below the meat is a rule that is greater than any Open is the best arrangement!

The king heard this, mixed uncomfortable for a long time finally found the opportunity to vent. He looked at the Prime Minister said: “Hey, you are brave, do you really think everything is the best arrangement”

Women’s UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Navy Cream

Prime Minister said, the king was angry, but did not care, he said: “The king, in fact, if we can actually expand our horizons, all the best deal!”

King said: “If you Guaren prison, this is the best arrangement?”

Prime Minister said, smiling. “If so, I believe this is the best arrangement”

King said: “If you say Guaren the chop security, this is the best arrangement?”

Prime Minister still smiling, if the king to make one thing: “If so, I believe this is the best arrangement.”  Moncler Jacketse

Angry king, big hands Yongliyipai, near the two guards immediately, they heard the king, said: “You will have to catch up with the Prime Cut”

Back shock, do not know how to respond. King said: “This is not fast, but so what?” Smart guard, and trying to establish the Prime Minister, to Wang door.

King suddenly a little regret, he said, shouting: “! Wait a minute, was first arrested and locked”

Prime Minister again in his smile, said: “This deal is the best!”

Women’s UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Navy Cream

Boiling the great king, two guards, to prevent is about the Prime Minister.

A month later, the king made a good hurt, like before, they went looking for his visit to the private anonymity, but their views, in person he was in prison, sometimes even in the Prime Minister can not bring themselves to release them, sigh tone of my own trip.

Walked, moved to a remote mountain, suddenly other teams from there face painted red and yellow pigments and Barbara, San Liangxia introduced ribbon, back to the mountains.

In my opinion, this is the full moon, with a primitive tribe stands ready to provide the next full lunar goddess worship to the king of search products will decline.

He will sigh, and now really is not retained. Really want to like a man said: I am a king here, let me go, I will reward Jin  Moncler Jacketse shan Silver Sea! But the mouth is full of rags, and even said at the time, they will not export.

When he sees his over, a man brought a large tub, wood burning, it is pale.

High Priest coming out, canceled the king’s clothes in public, exposing his Xipinenrou long, high priest surprised to find that it now offers as a perfect product!
UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Navy Cream
It turned out that the full moon goddess worship today, it is “perfect” symbol, so the product of the ceremony, the ugly, black points, the lowest point does not matter, that there is no damage to the product.

At this point, the high priest finally found the king’s left hand little finger, a little half, he could not help but curse the long teeth, ordered a reluctant, said: “This is a waste!, Find another”

Save the king fucking overjoyed, Hui Gong, and the immediate release of Jiaoren Prime Minister held a dinner in the Imperial Garden, except for their own lives, but also to regain freedom for the Prime Minister to celebrate.

Prime Minister King toast, said: “He said your wife, er ah very good, really, everything is the best arrangement, a leopard bite, even today, if no lives were lost!.”

Prime Minister to return to the king, smiling, said:. “Hershey King’s life and a higher level of experience”   Moncler Jacketse

After a child, the king suddenly asked the prime minister said: “Guaren life-saving procedure, is” everything is the best arrangement ‘, but you have no reason to prison for a month, how can we say? ”

Prime Minister laid-back drinking the wine, and then said: “Your king ah, I am in prison, in fact, the most cost-effective!”

He saw a memorable toast deep understanding of the king, said: “You think I’m in prison if not, then who’ll be your personal travel incognito, not me, who love him, who did not expect to use? full moon goddess worship, then, who throw into the cauldron of boiling? I, who does not? so I have to drink King and I in prison, you saved my life ah! ”

King could not help laughing, and went in, said: “The Cheers Bar is right, everything is the best deal!”
UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Navy Cream
Many times, a little frustrated because we feel depressed, but more often is because we in the daily life of a damn bit disappointed, because if he is unfortunate the world’s poorest people – believ  Moncler Jacketse me I said: in life The frustration and humiliation has its meaning, cheer up forward, you will be reminded: “Yes indeed, all the best arrangement”

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UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Chocolate Cream 5822

UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Chocolate Cream 5822

People know that often continue to linger in unsettled totally. There will always be things we should remember that some should give up something. Give up, insist on the kind of attitude towards all life  Moncler Jackets issues. Courage to give up is an atmospheric, not a support for his courage, bravery advantages and disadvantages, Ming said, Who? If we can understand the choices you can stick to it, and give up the abandoned, more and better.

Do not let your life, do not let your heart tired tired! Must learn to open to reason, bearish, learn not to force him to learn to hide.
Do not let your heart is tired! Time to relax, find vent, to solve the problem weary soul.

Is that the people upset, this is the reason, good memories. Should not be given the heart will remain in memory. And we must always remember to forget things, forget to remember things. Why do some people say silly cute, very interesting, because he forgot his indifference to the people laugh and forget the world of love and hate, forget the fame and wealth of this world, forget the whole world that he lives in them to make any happy world of stupid smile.

UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Chocolate Cream 5822

So people prefer to leave them unhappy, I do not want stupid. If you remember Remember, remember to forget. Or forget the past as a new beginning, every day, more and better. However, he said, it is relatively easy, but it is so difficult.

The reason why people wil  Moncler Jackets l be affected, more of a pursuit. Live life, not everything, do not often feel is unfortunate, in fact, suffering in the world more than we need. You know, some good can not be achieved, some problems never the answer, some stories never end, some people will never know only foreigners, but also the pursuit of struggling, waiting, dreaming.

In fact, no one will give you pain, but your lack of moral cultivation, not necessarily affordable. You deliberately simple things look very serious, such as simple things more complex, it looks like you   Moncler Jackets will be painful. Learning to lay down, lay down the burden of the so-called thinking, what are satisfied, just so you can make yourself comfortable.

Women’s UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Chocolate Cream

The reason why people are not happy, is concerned about a lot. This is not to say that we have very little, but we c  Moncler Jackets are about more. Do not see others happy, they kind of loss and oppression. In fact, you only see other people’s appearance, maybe he not as good as you happiness. Human desire is endless, and all life in the pursuit of high quality, everyone wants what you want, all for their own purposes, and in the day, the war has been a busy time of happiness, I know, no pain .

There is no perfect world affairs, it is not perfect, is a kind of beauty is in constant fighting, constant failures and obstacles, to take to find happiness.

Women’s UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Chocolate Cream

The reason why people do not know enough, that is not a vanity. As the saying goes better than wealth, but some people can reach this level. It is not because they are small, but wanted more. Big big world full of wonders, there are many temptations, we can not be tempted, do not expect impossible, impossible not fantasy.

Face many temptations, how many people can control themselves, many people do not lose yourself? But then again, with a cheerful heart, how can you motivated? Wind development, life goes on, we must continue to strive, to seek, if you are just satisfied with the status quo and blindly immersed in their own fun, then the high ideals and the pursuit of it?

The reason why people are not happy, not happy heart. The feeling of happiness for everyone is different and requires  Moncler Jackets a easy to satisfy, and easier to understand satisfaction with happy people. Saw this sentence: “Happiness is like a pyramid, level, more happiness, happiness is more difficult is more likely to feel happy at all levels, in the end, the land, and more. A stronger sense of happiness.” Happiness is an expectation of the state, is a spiritual experience. As long as our hearts to discover, you will find happiness around us, just so happy, we are often ignored.

UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Chocolate Cream

The reason why people living in the tired, just want more. Physically tired, not terrible, terrible heart is tired. Feeling tired, it will affect the heart, will destroy the heart, would endanger health. In fact, everyone has implicated others, is that when his burden, but some people will adjust in time, some people have not caught one of their music. Competitive pressures in this society, filled with many difficulties and problems, do not want to live a little tired is not the reality.

People of different ages have different mental state before, our material life is very poor, but state of mind is good, now to improve our material life, but may lack the spiritual life. Not everything is like a dead end, so he thought to bear a heavy burden, consider it a very thoughtful, which makes us tired of life.

In order to find happiness, we will agree the number of commitments. But when the time really to do, but found a  Moncler Jackets number of commitments is hypocritical lie. But how do you think, then it is hypocrisy, as we are full of hope and confidence with interest. In fact, there is no commitment, everything is gone, and all of their own destiny.

Happiness is your own feelings, she needs careful understanding. Presence in the distance, some  Moncler Jackets times near, sometimes far, that is near the right, but the immediate horizon. As a water glass, drink and tasteless quiet life, but do not know what to make of our happiness simple, people will know how to live in a flat taste sweet and well-being.

Happiness is elusive, but there are also real. In a number of well-being gradually beginning to see the people around them, have a happy smile, but also feel lonely. Look at themselves, this is not the case, not happy, but also time alone. Years of life, face many challenges, there will be more profits and losses, and achieved many successes and failures.

UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Chocolate Cream

The theme is always contradictory, often reluctantly, and looked forward to chaos, into the land, not far away   Moncler Jackets , it can not be returned. This is indeed an elusive animal, always know them.

Life can not be plain sailing, is a fun day of trouble, or a day, why not a happy life that day.

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UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Black Cream

UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Black Cream

1. Blooming season, there are feelings of flowers.
2. Seasonal fruit, fruit and a good appetite as human teeth, good.
3. Feel the spring br  Moncler Jackets eeze caresses the grass and leaves more and more people in all directions of the original flavor of the tender.
4. Hot, summer storms and the resulting satisfaction of cold, fresh plants, green.
5. Like fire in the autumn leaves, and stopped, well before the maximum taste dry.
6. First snow behind the warm appreciation of the windows of the way: light, mist on the ground, white, does not violate available.
7. Drinking, is the heart, in response, rather than in response to stomach. As a fragrance, a fragrant only in the air, and not taste as oxygen, which is designed to drink wine every friend.
8. Part of a large number of competitors, you will not win a battle, it seems to be a lot

UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Black Cream

of money, rather than buy expensive, too. This is a match or in the game sense of the value of money.
9. Life will never be a unilateral, and no one can see, not like the feeling of love for each Sanqiu, fly in the ointment is the perfect food, life of Christ, in God’s followers.
10. Finally, when the flowering season, the final closing. Passionate people who love to last a more beautiful samples.
11. Talk speculation: some confusion suddenly, like nursery divisible weeds, everywhere the feeling of some sympathy, as reflected in Cheongdam flowers.
12. Deliberately did not speak to chat, but things are really good to be born. As a fruit picking in the mountains of delicious picnic.
13. A good food and they especially look forward to at the same time, they like to see again.
14. In the crowded, ac  Moncler Jackets tive in the community or in the busy streets, listening to an old song, single, pondering his thoughts.
15. In the crowd, his face like a brand of people, close to each other, you will find many similarities and similarities.
16. One day, suddenly found themselves able to get along with the environment, for example, for a friend as a bridesmaid, you are the bride, it seems that the most significant woman, do not steal a friend of a friend mine gave me a long face, you have enough sense of justice, to make the best role is to support, not ability than their fair.
17. It is said that behind you, by you, or heard someone tell you.

Women’s UGG Tall Stripe Cable Knit Black Cream

18. People can go home, some parents old, old house, a child climbed a tree to the sink, his partner climbed a tree.
19. I have a few friends, regardless of distance between you feel like it: it’s not meet, do not come often Sijun.
20. Old friends to spend an afternoon of nostalgia memorabilia Guaai.
21. Reconciliation problem, an old friend of minor conflicts, lost in the finals, can not afford not lost.  Moncler Jackets
22. No matter what age you are, you have a friendship between the generations, is a naive if you think it has a great friendship between the generations than you, you feel when your old, a young man lasting friendship between you.
23. Have a sexual partner, you talk about, but also each other’s spouses believe you.
24. Conventional long-distance, to do something to get unexpected results.
25. Can do, the results their own thing, but you have no difficulty in that effort. In fact, success is likely to make you happier.
26. The thirtieth anniversary of his parents wedding anniversary, you find that your life is displayed across the board call the classic love story, you get two movie tickets, luxury suites for their gifts.

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27. Watch the children grew up, not only represents a new atmosphere, if you rose trees, flowers and open vision, standing.
28. Teenagers will play top games and think you are stupid, have to learn.
29. No matter how successful your business, you should not forget is a woman.
30. Wearing the most beautiful met you on the road that day, you care about.
31. Life is full of a deal, buy, you will get cheap things can be said that the United States, to sell, you can offer is genuine.
32. After four years old   Moncler Jackets , who went to the hospital Shihai child day care the same as the first round can not find the direction with the doctor’s old and sick, is the real thing a particular laugh happy.
33. In a previous meeting on achieving something, you’re finished, and the coincidence of the people who can not help you, thanks to friends, when she know that you inadvertently gave him the  Moncler Jackets favor. Things, do bear good fruit is sweet.
34. Even if selling clothes is to make money, but people will buy their clothes look better wearing a selection of clothes.

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35. Packed shelves, I found a certificate of deposit is not withdrawn. Not only in quantity, but people have forgotten or time property on the cake or ice, is that your life is really a great space.
36. From now on the horizon who care about you how, suddenly, like a postman, in an ordinary day by ringing your doorbell. Happy to be in vain, there is no hope for you wear.
37. In traffic jams, the choice of the driveway. See the side of the corridor side, but its success was in their intuition, luck, experience and vision of the time there is no way satisfied, is pick up the free megalomaniac pleasure and happiness.
38. Rear-end cars, racing writer immediately apologize, but smiled and waved just before the green ligh  Moncler Jackets t to the victims. The initiative was taken to the world their fault, generous to forgive, just a bystander.
39. Wake up in the morning, I remember the night dream. If you do not dream big loss, it is hard to come by.
40. Become a nightmare to wake up, find it not the case.
41. He nearly fell on it in the trash immediately picked up a banana peel, the whole process is not someone else’s vision. People who want to own the night, all the results, the process for themselves happy.
42. Memories of life journey. Switch back pain, back pain something.
43. Someone tells you that   Moncler Jackets happiness indicators, you will find their situation, and most of the provisions of these indicators.
44. See a meteor fall or Epiphyllum open. Suspended matter, to give myself a lasting, just like it, you wait, or coincidence.

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45. And English classes, even if their absence can also help other people are foreigners.
46. The crying child or a girl laugh, happy, loved a good kiss is like.
47. When he woke up and found that the work is late, but suddenly remembered the weekend.
48. Get out in the crowd, if lost, a person keeping a low profile, until one day the door opened, the sky is ano   Moncler Jackets her of the sky, the crowd is a different kind of crowd.
49. It feels like a long cool mountain pool.
50. Listen to sing into the “can see the most happiness,” they will think this is how one thing.

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Women’s UGG Classic Argyle Knit Oatmeal

Women’s UGG Classic Argyle Knit Oatmeal

Now, divorce is more likely, may be the cause of marriage is a need to know how to keep, tolerance, reason and wisdom to do.

I have been in those days was low in the sunset of marriage, her husband in the morning, we did not see his career any improvement, our feelings more than three times as tasteless tea, and I ‘back is no longer a gift, embrace, joy, peace … … but as an old couple

When I say that these unsuccessful marriage, the sisters came to help me have a status of my marriage old, and finally come to an end: that marriage should be dissolved.

And friends are pleased to vent a lot and I to go on the way home, a strong, at home, at home and watching at home, simply ignored the small quiet and suddenly felt a sense of revulsion at the deterioration of milk the children would spill recovery on the ground, I quickly went on the sh  Moncler Jackets elf in the house trailer on the first floor was a mess, was busy making dinner, the phone rang, Yang should be returned.

I am desperate to seize his arm, accidentally exposed strip of a sudden a big foam hand is hot. Deal with the Panhandle has been a timber, leaving only the black iron handle, believe it hot, Yang said, no less than fifty times, but he had never empty to get it fixed.

Because the idea of moving the divorce, are more and more divorced families all my determination.

I attack the fire from the kitchen to see in the mirror and have a good pair of spring, but now is full of Italian resentment and pale eyes, sighed and said: Marriage is really terrible, I should give up The dead than alive, to leave the backwater country.

Women’s UGG Classic Argyle Knit Oatmeal

Two hours later, Young returned, not as usual, in the absence of the table, I sat in the dark eyes pull off. “What food?” Then he went to the kitchen.

“Why cook? I have done, and I want to go. I’ve had enough of this life, and divorce him.”
Moncler Jackets
Then her husband was forced to scrub the kitchen should not be attached to the bottom of the pot. His first reaction was that I did not hear what you say, the second reaction is I got it wrong, you say that again, he finally found my will, my son cried, he had to question my mood in the side, flew to his room to keep milk feeding.

“This is not so good, why divorce?” Around the child’s hand, a surprise to see the sheep weapons.

I saw him smile, my heart spontaneously pleasure of revenge, he has been negligent ignore my feelings, the pain can find him!

“Of course, you feel good, but I feel bad, but I never thought of.”

That night, I insisted on it to sleep, in addition, based on the experience of love, divorce is a very complex thing, and emotions, habits, there are many factors that confuse the property, there must be sustainable.

In order to smooth divorce, I think, the best divorce trilogy, the first and then buy food to cook, from life, two different people, two do not go to sleep again, do not give him a good opportunity, and the third economy the.

Lying on a sofa bed to sleep, but as a person can not sleep, I unscrew the lamp and began to write a white paper  Moncler Jackets , found that the divorce agreement. Put pen to paper that moment, I am a small home inventory, and in the past is almost the first scene: I am a northerner, he Yangtze River, we drift to the cities of Dalian, from the previous, now more than thirty people, but also won the next two home groups, large and small, big is a three bedroom, only early last year, small chips, when we first came to buy, is my name, now leased to others, and six hundred yuan a month, and the other A man and two stores, about million in revenue.

UGG Classic Argyle Knit Oatmeal

I am in the divorce agreement is clear: the house, the children belong to me, it looks, it is fair and reasonable.

The next day, he gave the divorce agreement, and even the instructions on the table: I want to be free!

“Signature ah. Divorce, you understand?” To see his face looked like a miracle, I am a bit unhappy, they seem to   Moncler Jackets realize that their tone is too convincing: “We did some time, though not long, but We also have five to six years together, right? live so long, you do not see it we are actually in the world, although you and I are two special people. ”

A week later, Yang called my office, “I agreed to sign the afternoon, to eat. We see the old place, I’ll give you the deal.” Yang sad low voice, he hung up, I even decadent in Wozhaohuatong sitting in a chair.

He is willing to divorce. In the integrated gas in my chest went in an instant, it felt like Legend of Martial Arts in the air, little interest in long-term open, slowly traveling body. I sat in a chair, feel the ups and downs, his body, his head involuntarily scenes flash past: only one thought in mind: not the people, not himself today –

I like the views of the sea, he abandoned his career to the growth of Dalian, starting with me, I have a dream beach house, he was in any case, I bought a set of curtains and home loans, the sea and wide.

UGG Classic Argyle Knit Oatmeal

After work, I reluctantly packed up in the restaurant-style beach house spirit. After a few days to go, it seems to lean a lot, but the body straight, quiet, melancholy eyes, chin, chin scraping look sexy.

Her husband quietly pushing a manila envelope in front of me. Do not sit down, in my eyes red. I never really leave her man? I suddenly alarmed, did not know you lost it?

“Do not come, hurry, eat what they view.” Perhaps because it’s the last supper, he looked at me and smiled, his eyes clear and soft, slender fingers and then reach out, call attendant: a meal , clam soup, black pepper beef. These two are my favorite.

I sat in silence, until he suddenly said: “The Last Supper, can you give me a good thing, I want to eat it?”

“You like to eat?” Someone once asked me to live, the brain suddenly went blank. After a long search, I was a litt  Moncler Jackets le stuttering, said: “What is your favorite because you are not always the same, I eat it”

UGG Classic Argly Knit Oatmeal

He smiled patiently, and then said slowly. “Currently, we live together so many years, I have been to eat, they do not like to eat you forget, and I in Suzhou, I really like southern food, less sweet and kind.”

I listened to his words, like a storm, a fierce outbreak of Qin main regrets. Yes, over the years, I never really thought to ask what he likes to eat, but also the first time, I know he likes to eat sweet, in fact, will divorce, so that you can not help being somewhat ironic.

“What did you say, okay?” He asked quietly.

My tears started into his eyes.

“I want good, home, shops, family, all for you!” He was silent for a moment, suddenly said: “I just received my book and several sets of clothes.”

“Where are you going?” Very sad farewell to hear this news, I could not help but flow. Two thousand days day and night, for another month, a warm skin and muscle, in the eye on TV, there is a mutual u  Moncler Jackets nderstanding, habits, always love you? Finally, so many years. I never thought of a good life, not this person.

“In fact, in Dalian, over the years, parents, many of my friends asked me to return to the South, said there more room for development there. But you do not like romance, like the sea, so I stay with you, there fishy smell in the breath of the sea breeze does not like to eat seafood, there is little performance, you wronged. ”

“What did you say? I would not say.” My tears suddenly streaming down.

“After the divorce, I will place it in the south, after a person has, but there are children, you will be very difficult.” Frown from his cigarette, stop, “so I told you all to the left. Facade can rent some money annual savings, do not use, to prepare for emergency situations should not be. at school, children also need a lot of money, when I think how to do. “he said, looking out the window no trace of nostalgia, and sustained attention and pain, and that kinds o  Moncler Jackets f tone, rather than as a man ready to divorce, but because of his wife’s parents and children of such grief and anxiety long journey.

Window is blue, the sky bright and clear sea, white bird, the beautiful heaven, all is quiet. Eclipsed all of a sudden, because a commitment is always there for me to leave.

“Then how do you do?” I asked. “I always have his own way, people in this world there are always different ways to the survival of women, who are so gullible, kind, suffered minor injuries.” He looked at me mercy, do not stop my tears fell down.

“Do not cry, dear.” His big hand on my shoulder, faint smell of tobacco, so familiar, how much I like him this power, this feeling of smoke, but two people, but there is no concept of time reason, but only tired?

“I have to go. You know? Reunion every time you and your parents and sisters, my heart is empty. I miss my parents, after all, they are old ah.”

Hearing this, my heart overflowing move, is self-blame, a new love and sympathy of the. So what is go  Moncler Jackets od, man, ah, I have seen tit for tat, property, mutual insults and curses, and many couples divorce hit you, I have never seen such a divorce, so soft, deep, break the tolerance ceremony … … full of grace, grief, fear of the absence, until recently, they learned that the marriage is to a variety of uncomfortable and not suitable, but because I ah.

“These are, why do you say?” I firmly grasp the hand of his two large tears, gave a self-esteem and pride.

“Because, I want, I am willing to put up with it all, I hope you live happy, do not worry about such trifles.” I froze.

Hesitated for a moment and said: “You can not go?”

UGG Classic Argly Knit Oatmeal

Finally, came out holding hands, the cool sea breeze to calm down, I sat on his motorcycle and drive my way home, long hair, and then every now and down the street looking for is bright, the mountains and thought they sea, he set up a warm, suddenly had a very happy feeling very happy.

A week later, another gathering of his girlfriend, they asked me: “never?” I am the last time we talked about the history of the meal, and then said: “It left me a lesson, and now the Grade divorce di   Moncler Jackets vorce easier and easier, you can achieve the desired objectives, it knows how to support marriage is a need for tolerance and reason and wisdom of things. “

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