Louis Vuitton Monogram Fleur de Jais Manege M40435

LV full name of Louis Vuitton (LVMH), but more well-known is the combination of emerging capital letters LV. LV’s success is valued customers and strive to create a “family”feeling. LV products from generation to generation.  Louis Vuitton 2010 Whenever you bring repair maintenance products LV, LV stores are duty-bound to their best to help. Let three generations can continue to have a brand product, which for the continuation of a brand vitality of great significance. (beauty network)

Louis Vuitton Monogram Fleur de Jais Manege M40435

Add a touch of glamour to any day or evening ensemble with the Manege in Monogram Fleur de Jais. Shimmering sequins, floral details and refined calfskin leather make it a truly elegant clutch.

Louis Vuitton Manege clutch

Size (LxHxD): 9.8″ x 5.5″ x 3.1″

-Natural cowhide leather trimmings and wrist strap
-Leather-covered S-lock
-1 interior flat pocket
-Lining signed with LouisVuitton Inventeur plate


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I heard that your body does not

As soon as miserable Ka Pata cry, do not know when Ka Pata whole body covered with large and small, green snake, like a network covering the whole of his, in his plump body slowly creeping These snakes smell the smell of meat a long absence, exception handling with their bright with excitement, such as blood, tongue, open mouth revealing two sharp sharp white teeth, little by little green homeopathic venom penetrate the skin Ka Pata, “Zizi Zi” corrosion sound echoed in the empty palace was.

“Ah, ah, save me Gucci bags, who will save me!” Ka Pata kept rolling on the ground, he can not stand these damn bugs kept chewing on his body with, tortured as he was born death.

Struggling with the pain of watching Ka Pata, Caesar sitting position, and touch the ring on the set, eyes, waves of fashion.

Mi rotten flesh, the thick smell of blood makes nausea, struggle no matter what’s palace, which dynasties, which are stepping on the blood of the planet spent.

“Ka Pata adults, His Majesty is resting, you can not go in for.”

“I get out, do not open your eyes look at who I am a dog!” An open guard, Ka Pata rampage into chambers.

“You go on!” Ruler of the planet Sark Imre – Imre Sark OM up from the couch, waved his hand, pulled thousand followers.

“Huang Xiong, I heard that your body does not, I’ve come to look at you.”

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Ka Pata terrible laughter abruptly ceased Gucci clutches

Green light in the sky faded, then the air there was a handsome god-like as a man, his light in the crown of the crown Dai Hehe, a handsome British Gas break out the costumes, proud to be watching from the air cold Card Pata and full of flavor charm people, evil and elegant, the pair reversed beings have green eyes now cold light injection.

“Ha, ha, ha, you finally Caesar appeared, how, you got lost while Imre Sac planet’s most beloved woman, the taste is right!” Ka Pata to the imminent death is not knowing , looked up toward Caesar insolent laugh.

“Uh, uh,” Ka Pata terrible laughter abruptly ceased Gucci clutches, he suddenly pulled his throat, and kept screaming, but they were unable to pay anything at. Ka Pata was on fire as the throat, like, violently painful stimulation of his sensory nerves, so that he Qiazhao his neck tightly.

“Ka Pata, you say how this taste like?” The gentle voice as sweet as silver bell and allows the presence of people kept silent, Ka Pata stroking neck pain, kept shaking his head, raising concern about the shake as he law, I am afraid will be neck for him.

Waved his hand and stabbed the feeling was gone hot, Ka Pata gasping gulps.

“Said Mai Selin you in the end of what has been done!”

“Ha ha ha, Caesar, you have today ah! However, I just do not say, can you me how to Chennai!”

Caesar sat gracefully on the throne, wearing a slender fingers huge emerald ring, ring seat carved with two Imre Sac State’s national animal, Imre Sac State with a symbol of guarding the rights of jade – Green spar.

“Is it? Seems just to give you a little discipline and not let you find your stupidity.” Is still a soft voice, but chilling.

Calmly stood up, Catherine slowly raised his right hand, eyes flashed ruthless and tyrannical God.

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Face of the most love their grandfather

Face of the most love their grandfather, the East-ho could not help but sing, although occasionally tease the mouth and grandfather, Tai Tai carry, increase interest between grandparents and grandchildren about, but he still know Jinglaozunxian.

“Oh, Grandpa old, useless, and did not say was listened to Gucci clutches, alas!” Oriental Venerable Master Kao sing for opera performances attracted the side of good stewardship of ourselves.

Venerable Master Kao head a turn and head Yi Deng, housekeeper immediately recovery into a deadpan, stand aside. So people can not help as a steward pinching cold Han, internal injuries that would not Biechu ah!

“Grandpa, where the older you are, you see people still in the air you are full of roar, you are healthy and strong old Yeah, Paul Knife is not old.”

“Well, I do not pay lip service to you, you come with me, Grandpa, tell you something.”

“Let me go, let go of me, and I want to see Sa, I want to see him, I was his uncle, he can not do this to me!” Ka Pata one of panic, by two persons betting Wei on the ground, but a little arrogant bluster did not cut down.

“I can not how to you?” Cold, heartless voice floating in the air, people dreaded.

“Sa!” Heard the voice, Ka Pata climb plump body lying on the ground, small eyes Victim slender, sly executioner to look around.

A green pool in the air Gucci Croisette Evening Bag black 235320 BGD0N 1000, followed by a breath of fresh air in the sweet taste, the taste is the national flower of Imre Planet Sark – Lyme flower of flowers, this is Mai Selin favorite flower.

It shares a fragrant smell, Ka Pata widened in horror as his wretched pair of eyes, as if to see hell angels are insolent smile he raised his scythe cut to the DPRK.

“No!” Ka Pata raised his hands like a crazy random and wildly waving toward the sky.

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the legs had lost consciousness fully recovered

I do not know how long, Lan Yu again opened his eyes and found myself still stay in place, stone boxes still lying there quietly, feeling as if nothing unusual, but the body is allowed to full strength, the legs had lost consciousness fully recovered, and Lan Yu can not think why they thought for a long time Rosetta Stone English (British), simply do not like it, wipe the probe to see what a stone chest in the secret … …

Big stone box in the room, lying across the top of a mysterious ancient sword style, appearance should be very old to see, and certainly worth a lot of money, GU Jian quintana showed a hint of golden yellow, about 25 hilt cm, blade length of about 1 m, both sides of the blade, its tip is extremely sharp, the distribution of faint Hanmang, the blade has a central, blood groove, and moving the surface layer of the Pan-blue ripples, sword may have hidden the ground more than a hundred years French, but still not cover the sun and the moon-like blade that Fengrui absolutely shattered as the Hanmang elan, breathtaking blade outer edge of the dissemination of alarming red with a layer of red light, seems very strange!

Optional hilt engraved with a person’s bite straight cairica hovering, leading the top of the hilt, the tail through the hilt, straight into the blade, then mixed with heaven, leaving no trace. Zhebing GU Jian, see what’s dynasty buried or what French, but you can feel a short time will not, at least in a century or more.

Lan Yu assess the heart and seen so many rare artifacts on display, rare antiques have seen a lot of jade Finally, a little vision and insight, not seen, Aberdeen, pig, pig is also seen walking, can even sleep hundred years later, but not on Zhebing GU Jian had any traces of oxidation, the blade is still a trace of coldness … … … … Lili

Lan Yu with his right hand to try to put up the swords, the swords of weight is not heavy, about 5 kg, reverse wrist, blade side up Rosetta Stone French, Yexia hair gently on the blade, and immediately divided into two off, falling to the ground like a blade Wang youthful, light exudes daunting!

Chuimao their hair, cut off gold jade, so Fengrui sword! Lan Yu immediately following the conclusion of this set is a magic weapon.

Stood next to the swords in a costume similar books like gold book, gold book is not about five centimeters thick, engraved with three grotesque bulge in the text Rosetta Stone French, Lan Yu dare to swear, he never learned, even from the not seen this looks like a strange line of text, but to his surprise, he really know these three words, but also a kind of feeling is very familiar, vaguely felt this strange feeling Lan Yu should have that Road light on, because until now his head is still a bit dazed made up, it seems there is something to be forced into it … … … … … … … …

“The Omen recorded!” What are these words recorded demons, meaning from the name of view, this should be a book Rosetta Stone French, and it is a martial arts Balam, but the magic word that gives the feeling of fear will have a snack.

“There will not be ghosts or something, right?” Lan Yu’s mind a little drums, but then I thought that he had fallen to such a field, is dead anyway, what is worse, it?

Severely heart, Lan Yu teeth, ventured, trembling hands opened the gold book, a flash, golden light, a bright light to the entire body wrapped Lan Yu, waves flow, the whole room into a displacement of Guangguai in.
Volume Long trapped in shallow water (Revised Edition) Chapter freed
Lan Yu among the gold package, the brain chaos Rosetta Stone French, splitting headache, it seems to explode like countless bizarre text, graphic images and even the activities of the rapid influx of the depths of his mind, his whole body shaking violently, like like ventilation difficult to control, his body twisted into a variety of strange constant angle.

sometimes expanding, sometimes shrinking, sometimes bending, sometimes longer, as there are numerous places where the body is constantly biting insects Kenshi , that feeling German, with truly rather die than live.

Long, in Lan Yu could not take this piercing pain of endless suffering, once again, coma, suddenly, the mind has a mass of deep things suddenly explode, the “bang” sound, scattered projection, Suddenly, a burst of Ching Ming Lan Yu Ling-tai, the body seems to eat the ginseng fruits, whole body to pore may comfortably stretch, the warm way back to the mother as being comfortable.

Also, just in the minds of those who forcibly poured into text, graphics, seems like a slide show, one by one in front of flash, that text and graphics so familiar, so intimate, as if naturally.

Lan Yu representatives fully understand the meaning of even the implied The formula theft, although he did not know why German, but quickly put all the pictures never forget the heart .

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but still could not help looking around

Climbed to the exit, which is a portal-shaped hole, from the hole to where to go, do not see anything, which is not very bright light, only to hear the gurgling sound of water.

Lan Yu climbed into the cave, the road about 10 meters, into a room about 50 square feet, the room all in white marble Rosetta Stone English (American), just like the house by the front left corner stood a square stone table.

the top of the table sat a stone bench dressed in a pale blue robe to people, because it is his back, Lan Yu can not see is male or female, is always less!

The man seems to be thinking about things, blissful silence!

Lishi board about three meters is about 1 m high with a large stone bed, the bed and a stone pillow, but no bedding. Against the wall in front of the room, the middle ground is a stone with walls two meters wide and ten meters Rosetta Stone English (American) long gap in the middle there is the sound of the hidden, it appears here is to drain through the place!

The room’s owner does not know what people? Really have the ability to repair the house in the desert, deep underground, and can lead to wear House of groundwater through, is! Lan Yu felt the burst of emotion.

Cleared his throat, Lan Yu with a husky voice that step qingpao ren said, “Excuse me! … …” Did not respond, Lan Yu and Lian Han several times English (British), that people are still rock solid, no shake shake it.

Lan Yu is really no strength, and then fainted again shouted down I’m afraid!

No choice but to report soon to offend, climb over step by step, first climbed to the river side of the probe nod to go, big mouth to drinking water, cool water entrance sweet, cool and biting is really world delicious they are! Lan Yu could not help secretly sigh.

Drinking water, Lan Yu felt a lot of physical recovery Rosetta Stone, then turned and climbed across the road and saw the elderly, Lan Yu is almost like an angel – a good horror!

This is a middle-aged, beard and hair black, eyes closed, deep sunken eye sockets, not the least bit angry! Some black skin, dry and wrinkled, closely attached to the face has no bone of meat on top of the upper and lower lips have synthesized a slit, prominent facial bone, shaped like a skull Language-Learning Software, a liberal dressing gowns is empty — – This is a mummy!

Lan Yu could not help wry smile under the shock, the latest on their luck really was surprisingly good! Was shot dead even though her forehead, and another group encounter quicksand of epic proportions, and now it is lucky, surviving, but also amazing to see that the mummy, that was priceless treasure it!

Sigh for a while, Lan Yu carefully looked at the room, to see what to eat? While that is unlikely Language-Learning Software, but still could not help looking around.

“Ha ha! Really have something!” Lan Yu I turned around to find a rectangular box placed in the white stone at the foot of the bed, climbed over just when the Lan Yu, seeking only to see the mummy, and actually did not find a stone chest to put in somewhere around there Department.

Moved a few boxes next to the stone, just about to open hands, Lan Yu hands in the air but stopped.

“Will there be authority?? TV that tomb, cave, and did not have the authority vicious but strange it?” Lan Yu secretly think about Rosetta Stone English (British), slightly tilting, out knife carefully!

35 cm long knife, straight blade, blade micro-arc, tip tax profit, the species showed a subtle black, which is handled through a special non-reflective, knife sharp, though not to cut off jade gold, but Qieqi stones should be effortless, Lan Yu is very confident about this the knife.

Effortlessly and sat straight up and stone me to the side, Lan Yu holds handle and slowly insert the tip of a crack in the stone box top, gently lever, loosen up and down Stone cover, but they have not got hidden weapon fly, Lan Yu finally calm down, arm muscles suddenly contract, with a look at the wrist down, Stone Cover “porphyrin” bang bounce.

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Rosetta Stone Swedish Version 3: Level 1, 2 & 3 Set

Rosetta Stone Swedish Version 3: Level 1, 2 & 3 Set

The playful childhood, studying hard, loving mother, sister concern … … … …, everything is so vivid and real, as occurred in the left all day, his consciousness gradually blurred, suddenly.

the eyes suddenly light up white dazzling light filled the Laguna world, and Lan Yu feel like being in a sea of flowers, the variety of floral spread across the land Rosetta Stone Swedish, not far from the top of a tall hill, a tall, familiar figure to the ground He kept waving waving, calling his name still appears to … … … … … … … …

Lan Yu faintly between vague feeling that some of the faces of the tall man was his father, Lan Yu quickly ran towards the direction of the hills, running and waving his arms, a childhood dream finally realized that he finally you can see Rosetta Stone Swedish, touch his father’s face, Lan Yu’s mind is filled with great joy!

Near the … … is near, high on the hill seems like a close, Lan Yu could not help shouting it, “Dad – Dad” happy face, while the hot tears flow down, suddenly, at the foot sank, ear side of the wind whistling, eyes quickly plunged into darkness … … … … … … … …

After a long, Lan Yu from the coma, eyes still dark Rosetta Stone Arabic, pitch dark, you can smell a faint smell of corruption.

In addition to head and arms, the body at this time seems to have completely lost consciousness. Groping took out a lighter, to the fire by Ying Ying, Lan Yu difficult to observe the surrounding environment, he turned.

there seems to be a tunnel, two meters wide, about three meters high, the air quality is good, there should be ventilated place Rosetta Stone Arabic, because the flames occasionally slightly shaking, the tunnel seems to deep stretch before rolling to the front, as if no end.

Survival instinct, the Lan Yu ground hard with both hands supporting her body, Manmandechao climbing before. I do not know how long climb, lighters lit off when, finally ran out of gas, surrounded once again into a dark, Lan Yu had to touch a little bit by crawling forward.

In Lan Yu exhausted and limp to the ground Chinese, the ear actually came to the sound of water trickling.

It seems kind of cool acoustic magic, Lan Yu’s eyes suddenly lit up, like the night in a star, Shashi allow full body strength, his legs seemed to have perceived that he summon the last of the air force, forward to climbing.

Climbed about 100 meters ahead, and after a bend, the tunnel getting brighter light up, sound of water is also getting closer, more and more clear, the air force of Lan Yu Pinmingdexiang exhausted before the final climb Rosetta Stone Chinese (Mandarin)
, and finally to to the end of the tunnel.

At this point, Lan Yu Sheng big bright eyes, look around, can not help but gasped.

What is this place? End of the tunnel, down a slide layer to dozens of stone steps, do not see what the material, covered with moss and vines, steps down a wide hall, about 200 square feet, the entire hall into a circular arc like, the ground all four are the CP by the Quartet paved rock crevice in the weed mixed with some of Xu Maosheng.

Cave walls are all white Stone Chinese (Mandarin), I do not know from the brick out of the rock, about five meters, the hall was semi-circular concave top with a gray pile of masonry, they match exactly, seamless cloth to the top inlaid star Luo Qi goose egg the size of many glowing pearl, the whole map was a brightly lit room, Guanghua radiance.

The left side of the hall there is an exit from a distance is not too real, but it seems the sound of water emanating from there.

Placed in the middle of the hall with a huge circular stone table English (American), stone table surrounded by a stone bench of five cylindrical, open the entire hall seemed unusual.

Lan Yu carefully climbed down the stone steps, rest for a while, the difficulty climbing toward the export of the left side of the hall.

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the brilliant civilization was destroyed overnight

Bang bang, the horizon in the distance like a mass of red flame across the sky in a fireworks disappeared deep in the desert … … … … … …

I do not know how long, Lan Yu gradually recovered.

He found himself lying on top of a dune rosetta stone language, struggling to climb up, speak, discrepancies in the actual body of the pain, seems Tongrugusui, some suspect that his bones are not broken out.

Some fishy mouth to feel the sweet and the salty air, Lan Yu mouth spat, full of bright red color.

Startled, quickly check the physical condition, Lan Yu assured sigh, not too bad, one broken rib, but fortunately not into the heart, otherwise dead. Who lost almost all of the equipment, camouflage clothing is also worn out rosetta stone language, beggar, like the helmet was gone.

Body only put a knife next to the skin, a lighter, a compass, half a pack wrinkle to tip of spinulosa smoke, Lan Yu self-deprecating smile, God do not be thin it! Remained lightly armed himself after a lot of good things to yourself.

Look up at the sky, has a sunset, the purple horizon a blood-red rays was reflected, as magnificent as Huoshao Yun Hyun rotten.

Smoke in the desert straight down the long river yen!

Desert sunset views are so beautiful learn italian online, but now no one mood to enjoy Lan Yu. If not go back to Camp before midnight, then he would completely buried in the sand sea.

Tamarix as a walking stick folded, took compass bearings on the upright, Lan Yu a flash forward roll around, the setting sun shadow pulled hobble him as long as
After about a kilometer away, Lan Yu could not help but stop and want to rest a moment, though that can not long rest, or is death, but he is too tired to have chapped lips to leaking bloodshot eyes, body aches, mouth came in from time to time to remind him to salty, still bleeding from internal organs.

No water, no hard tack, no drugs learn italian online, do I really want to drown here? No, no! I have to live! I want to live out, and I will personally take revenge, Yang Wei, Zhang wring the neck, as well as Cher, I promised that she would find her, I can not break its promise!

Lan Yu mind some confused, the body felt hot, too much appears to be unemployed after the complications of blood, heart rate constantly remind learn a language, motivate yourself, use a little teeth biting tongue, salty quickly to allow an Xingxing exclusion of the oral cavity, brain suddenly awake a lot, Lan Yu began to go.

Ear from a sudden “the sand … … sand” to the sound of Weng Ming, Lan Yu looked back and the distance the shadow of a large fuzzy volume rapidly moving to side, what it is? Lan Yu surprised Road.

Chapter magic into the early

Shadow draws near, more and more clear Arabic, like a huge wave of sound as the waves hit the eardrum with Lan Yu.

Lan Yu finally see what it is —- a group of high-speed Pentium quicksand? The desert was the worst natural most ruthless killer.

Most of the difference between sand and the sand is not general, and its principle is the sand into the water, due to reduced friction between sand particles, forming a semi-liquid, difficult to load-bearing sand-water mixture.

A small amount of sand is not terrible Arabic, but once the formation of large sand hills or very horrible, ancient legends prosperous moment Loulan killed in a roll on the quicksand, the brilliant civilization was destroyed overnight.

Unfortunately, Lan Yu is now encountered a large group of land sand, although not usually a huge magnificent mountains, but a quick scroll like a small hill.

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Lan Yu Yun hearts full of deep-seated resentment

As per capita are in the 40 kg weight over 5 km along quickly after the raid, his throat smoke Lan Yu, Xing Xing’s salty throat, eyes flashing stars, is shaky, to see what other people are the gas blow rosetta stone german, sweat under the rain.

Reached the “106” positions, the short break five minutes later, Lu Yang a great sound operational tasks assigned in pairs, hand-held map, a main one, one-off one calibration direction, respectively, starting from the 106 position.

points in different directions set to A, B, C, D, E forefront of the five corps headquarters, set up after the line, one left behind rosetta stone german, a line and try to return to search through lines, and from the straight line distance is 10 km, the time is 2 hours!

Time is short, heavy task. Class soldiers are all heavy heart.

“If anyone delays or able to fulfill the task, rejoin after waiting for it to endure punishment!” Lu Yang Wei Lan Yu a wickedly stared, eyes and fierce hunting frenzy reminiscent of the hungry wolf, while legitimate At noon, the sun is hottest, Lan Yu heart he could not help but awe-inspiring surge of icy rosetta stone french.

Right on cue, Lan Yu and Lu Yang Wei was assigned to a group, the other fellow is a look of sympathy, but helpless!

Turn off the other team, etc., the land looked at the map to open Yang Wei, Lan Yu Li are ignored, went all the way to stringing Jiben, catching up in the post-Lan Yu, jokes, maps do not get lost in the desert, and that is a dead end! !

Think of the consequences of terrorism, secretly cursing the Lu Yang Lan Yu Wei mind too immoral, too narrow minded rosetta stone french, not to look at the map is completely Gongbaosichou.

About five kilometers southwest Benxing, Lu Yang Wei stopped, wiped the sweat, watching all the way crooked queue running in place over the Lan Yu, mouth with a hint of sneer.

Lu Lan Yu Yang Wei ran around and stopped, out of breath, sweat cover may keep my eyes open, Gong Zhaoyao, while panting side looked Lu Yang Wei rosetta stone italian, and leaned over to cough a few times, even the words did not.

Suddenly, Lan Yu felt the hard on his forehead in having a cool earth objects, raised his head, his face in dismay.

Lu Yang Wei ran holding the hands of a Fourth Amnesty pistol, muzzle off to Lan Yu’s forehead, his face twisted muscles, frowning a sneer.

“Squad leader, you … … are you doing?” Lan Yu heart rate rosetta stone italian, cold hands and feet is one, seems to look through the ice fall into the millennium.

“What? Silly X, I want your life! I have warned you, do not bye snow, but you seem to care? Ah? Now is the time you pay for, ha ha ha … …” Miss Yang Wei, insolent laugh, in the eyes of the beholder much more vigorous.

“Why do you kill me, you are not afraid of the military court? Say … …” Lan Yu burst of anger in mind, his eyes showed a trace of doubt and resigned.

“Boy, you do not doubt! This gun is true, the bullet is true rosetta stone japanese, do you think I scare you? I am not that bored. What I as Father, Do not you know? Here is the desert, missing a put people, no one knows! Also, the exercise was a dead-ended, do not you know?

The military court?  You do not even worry about it, it is impossible! Hades was to report back quickly to it! Late, but even the bits are not! “Lu Lan Yu Yang Wei contempt staring, a look of triumphant.

“You … … there will be retribution! I will not let you play a trick! You this evil, villain!” Lan Yu angry staring eyes, loudly scolded the heart, but it is a sad, really dying?

“Well, not nonsense the rosetta stone, you should hit the road!” Lu Yang Wei Yin with a smile, fingers and slowly pull the trigger.

Keeping a close eye Lu Yang Wei, we must remember that this ugly face, even if the ghost soul ghost must haunt him until death in a flash, Lan Yu Yun hearts full of deep-seated resentment.

Suddenly, Lu Lan Yu Yang Wei’s eyes to see revealed the fear and dismay of the look, a look of disbelief, then turned and bolted away … …

In the end he see? Lan Yu could not help but want to turn and look, behind what incredible things can make such a fear as well as Miss Yang Wei Liansha something as important as their own can disregard the rosetta stone?

Before he continues to want to go, while a huge storm rolled him, rubbing furiously violent force his body to speak, camel, body piercing pain in the body like a gyroscope-like rise in high-speed rotation, the feeling seems to fly up, and flying high, pounding pain in the tear, Lan Yu consciousness faded.

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the ratio of military theater map of five

July 14, K City Yuli territory Takelama dry edge of the desert, the wind blowing acute, long sand, dust.

Wireless connection has reached the designated exercise area contest, after the camp, all the company commanders and fighters of all depressed rosetta stone, lined up a collection, the instructor announced that discipline, and pre-war mobilization, the company commander for combat assignments. Three have no doubt become a dagger class, as the vanguard of the whole company, which has long been a practice, his unshakeable.

As night fell, the temperature plummeted, bleak, Feishazoudan, fans have to keep my eyes open.

The climate and environment badly, Lan Yu is very familiar, because this is his home. “Early afternoon, wearing a jacket to wear gauze rosetta stone spanish, holding the fire to eat watermelon!” Is that it is the most realistic portrayal.

As the temperature difference between day and night, sunshine for a long time, K fruits produced in the city especially sweet, pear is nationally renowned, but also the country’s largest cotton production base.

After dinner, Lan Yu sat holding a bunch of Wanpen temporary excavation in the reservoir even in the side of a clean slate. This kind of thing has been done by Lan Yu, according to Zhang Yang Wei’s words a child recruits eggs learn french online, but also an entire waste, do not do this?

Rinse between the washing basin was busy, she heard footsteps coming from behind, the sound is very light and very strange.

Lan Yu looked back, can not help but surprised a moment, the moonlight plum fairy-like snow, such as riding a wave came, lightweight stature, such as butterflies dance.

“Lan Yu, Hello! I’m glad we met again!” Cher look of the smile, bright eyes filled with sincere joy.

“Ah! Hello!” Lan Yu’s mind while roaring rosetta, know what to do.

“Last time I went to see you, pity you’re not! Right, why do not you come to see me play?” Cher crooked little face asked.

“I … … me, I’m too busy!” Lan Yu face while hot, lie Road.

“Ah! Zhang Yang Wei said is not what?? You do not pay him any heed! In fact, he had not so stingy mean it!” Cher said and sat down next to the Lan Yu.

“You … … Why are you so good to me?” Hesitated quite a while, Lan Yu finally summon the courage asked.

“Well? I’m good? In fact, I just think you are very simple, very sincere, very suitable for friends! You know? Many people have lost these rosetta, there are too many eyes, the impurities and dirt!” Snow children’s eyes sparkling, as if the stars that shine in the night sky.

“Talking to you people very relaxed, very happy!” Cher’s face contracted with a layer of blush, rose petals after rain, beautiful and moving.

“I … … I am also very happy, but … …” Lan Yu’s face flashed a trace of sadness.

“I know what you want? Does not matter learn french online, I think we will become very good friends, you say?” Lan Yu Cher considerate towards blinked, looked very naughty look, innocent and naive.

“Well, I have to go! Ah! We pull hook it! Agreed in future we will become good friends! You?” Michelle out of jade green onions camel little finger, eyes flashing and expectation.

Lan Yu smiled shyly and carefully pull out the little finger and Cher, the body slightly shaking a bit, his face more and more to iron out.

“Good-bye, do not forget to look after the exercise I play this game!” Cher Perfectionist smile, as quickly as the birds go long.

Lan Yu Cher looked at the back of the disappearance of the heart saw it learn spanish, but there is a sweet and look forward to feeling my heart, six being slow to him, and did not notice, not far from the Fuzhao of a shadow, two malicious Hanmang fleeting … … … …

At 10:00 on July 15th, the weather was sunny, sunshine, heat waves rolling in the air, such as fog, smoke, gas Sunburn pressing.

Northwest District formed with the desert combat exercises and Professional contest officially started! Today’s subject is learn spanish, field quick with communication, that is wired with the command post and forward positions can not complete the set up lines of communication tasks.

and in the enemy’s effective use of electronic warfare radio waves can not be the case in order to quickly set up wireless on behalf of the cable from the Military forefront of the field army command to the command post of the telephone lines learn french, three classes of classes as a dagger as the first echelon to doing my part, code-named “106” to position the laying of lines.

Volume Long trapped in shallow water (Revised Edition) Chapter desperate
All three classes of ten men, the plain desert camouflage combat uniforms, learn the light helmet, combat boots black high waist.

AUGUST automatic rifles, five grenades, five thirty-fat loaded magazine, gas masks, bag, water bottle, firewood dry food bags, each one 88-style radio stations, 5,000 of the two rice noodle dish, telephone each one, the ratio of military theater map of five.

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